The Loose End of the Rainbow (Review)

The Loose End of The Rainbow
youth/YA fantasy novel
by D.B. Pacini
Published by Singing Moon Press
ISBN# 0977049728

loose_end_bookcover1aWhen the adults of their tribe mysteriously disappear, seventeen-year-olds White Eagle and Paints-With-Words are left in charge of the children. Fulfilling a prophecy, they all set out on a mythic journey to the loose end of the rainbow. Along the way, they encounter mentors and allies who help them overcome their ordeals and, at the end, they discover that all colors must work together to bring peace and harmony to the world.

The Loose End of the Rainbow, an inspirational and thought-provoking story, shows D.B. Pacini’s respect for both young people and the traditional ways. It also fulfills the fantasy of many young adults today, who wish that their parents would simply vanish (or at least leave them alone) and let them get on with their own life’s journey.


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