Images of Betrayal by Claire Collins (Review)

Images of Betrayal
by Claire Collins
Published by Second Wind Publishing, LLC
ISBN# 1935171011

n1526866242_30180801_3507Abandoned and betrayed by her family, seventeen-year-old Tysan Reynolds supports herself the best she can with tips from the diner where she works. Into her lonesome life come two men: photographer Walker Sandoval and high school heartthrob David McKee. What should have been a magical time of romance turns into a time of horror; the photos Walker takes foretell violence and disaster. When Tysan receives a picture of her bound and gagged sister, she must fight to save the girl. And she must put her trust into one of the men. But who is the villain? And who is the hero?

Though billed as a romance, Images of Betrayal seems to be more of a suspense novel. I didn’t feel the urgency of the romance, but that could be due to Tysan’s age — at seventeen, love is seldom undying and true. Still, the easy flow of words and the well-constructed plot make this an enjoyable read.

Claire’s publisher says: “Claire Collins possesses the ability to weave heart-rending plots and hair-raising thrillers, all the while making readers wonder how things will work out for the couple who find love in the midst of life’s turmoil.”

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