My Miracle by Rodney Barnes

Front CoveraMY MIRACLE
by Rodney Barnes
ISBN# 978-1-4389-5524-7

Dear Readers:

The book I wrote/published called “My Miracle” is based on a true story about my life. It has to do with an aimless youth experiences a major Traumatic Brain Injury, coma, and eventually relearns everything all over again at the age of 21 that resets his priorities and gets him on the right path to discover the educational system, life, and God.

My life has changed so much after this accident. It’s like I am a new person in this older body. God has granted me another chance at life. I am trying to succeed…

I built a website that goes with the book I wanted people all over the world to be able to join in or share their own life experiences and miracles.

I also started another website This is for my Ministry. It has over 790 major retail stores that people love and trust all on one website. Could you PLEASE help me out? I am trying to get people to shop at this website, earn discounts, cash backs, and in return give to people who need a helping hand.

As you can see, my life is much different NOW. I am trying to help others who need a helping hand. God has given me a second chance with a purpose. This is what I want to do… I know God will provide me with another job. I have even looked into going back to school for my Elementary Ed Teaching Cert.

Well, take great care of yourself. I wish you the best at whatever you do.

Your friend, Rodney

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