River of Tears by Michele Montgomery

A woman’s struggle as she searches for her missing husband leads to shocking revelations about him, his family, and the crime of adult kidnapping.

Abby meets Caiden when she is sixteen years old and knows she has met her soul mate. At nineteen Abby marries the love of her life and together they begin a family of their own. Life gives them a gift, but this gift is short lived. After seven years of marriage it ends.

Abby is left alone with her two children and the bloody clothes that Caiden was last seen in. With the horrifying revelations from her mother in law Abby sets out to prove her husband is indeed alive and that he’s been taken against his will by his mother, brothers, and sisters in a sick and twisted game of keep-away.

Knowing her husband isn’t dead, Abby, with the help and support of her family, begins a search that takes her from Arizona to Arkansas and lasts for a span of eight years.

On a visit to Caiden’s birthplace, Abby and her brother Chase meet with Caiden’s best friend who fills them in with the secrets of her husband’s childhood and of the hell he endured. He tells them of the nightmares, the deceit, and the abuse Caiden suffered at the hands of his family.

More determined than ever to locate her husband, before his family kills him, Abby hires a private investigator who opens the doors to Caiden’s private world of hell and exposes his family for what they are, but will he be on time? Will Abby be on time to save her soul mate? Can she make him want to fight one last time?

River of Tears is a tale of personal triumph over heartbreak, of unconditional love and bravery. It is a compelling modern-day story depicting how the power of love can overcome even the darkest facets of human nature. The story demonstrates how self-determination and loyalty can lead to unimaginable accomplishment, regardless of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. It is a story of faith in the face of tremendous loss, where fear and discouragement threaten to steal the last glimmer of hope. Will this shred of hope be enough to sustain, or will it ultimately crush Abby’s dreams of lasting happiness?

River of Tears will take you on a journey you will never forget, it will make you want to gather all you love close and keep them there, because we never know what’s around the next corner of our lives. 

River of Tears is Michele Montgomery’s first published work, though she has always enjoyed a passion for writing. She first began developing this love of the written word at the age of eight and has completed several yet-unpublished works of fiction. At this time Michele is hard at work writing her next novel. Michele, originally a native of Chicago, currently resides in Tucson, AZ with her family.

You can see her web page at: www.michelelmontgomery.com

REVIEWS: (used with permission)

The Perfect Combination of Chilling Terror & Passionate Romance, September 10, 2009

By  Jeffrey Erno (Oxford, MI USA) –

Michele L. Montgomery introduces herself beautifully as a first-time author in her suspenseful romance River of Tears. This modern-day drama chronicles the relationship of Abby and Caiden, a young couple who experience love at first sight and eventually marry and begin a life together. Abby narrates the story and relates a shocking tale of deceit, betrayal, and what appears to be abandonment. When her husband suddenly becomes missing and seems to have vanished off the face of the earth, Abby begins a quest to track him down and get some answers she desperately needs for herself and her three young children. Caiden’s departure stretches into a period of years, but Abby never gives up.

The journey Abby embarks upon leads her back to Caiden’s home state–Arkansas, and she reluctantly must face head-on the family from which she’d once before rescued her husband. Will she reach him in time, or is she already too late?

The book is not a particularly challenging read, written in a vernacular that is plain and understandable. Montgomery’s writer’s voice is very authentic, and her characters are easy to love and easy to identify with. The text is not without grammatical errors, but the depth of the story and the genuineness that the author conveys seem to outweigh any such minor flaws.

Montgomery is a natural story-teller, and she skillfully draws the reader into her fictional world of suspense and nail-biting drama. River of Tears will keep you up at night until the last page is turned, and it is for this reason I proudly award it five stars.
Compelling and chilling, November 19, 2009

By  Christine Hughes “Chris” (West Coast, USA)

Compelling and chilling are the first 2 words that come to mind on first time author Michele Montgomery’s “River of Tears.” The story seems like a simple love story of Abby and her soul mate Caiden, as they meet early in the novel and fall in love. But, that is just the calm before the storm. Soon the reader learns of his darkly disturbing family and before long he disappears—without a trace. Could Caiden have left the love of his life and their children? Or is his disappearance linked to his family’s very troubled history?

Abby is determined to find out and sets out on a journey that will change her life once and for all. The story is fast paced and leaves the reader eager to see what will happen to the fairytale romance of the heroine.

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Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/River-Tears-Michele-L-Montgomery/dp/1432743201/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1258858055&sr=1-1

Barnes&Noble: http://search.barnesandnoble.com/River-of-Tears/Michele-L-Montgomery/e/9781432743208/?itm=1&usri=1


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