Lucid by Katherine Angela Yeboah

Sloane Solomon is a beautiful, young college student who lives in the vibrant city of L.A. She first hears about ‘lucid dreaming’ from a friend, who intrigues her with descriptions of dreams so lifelike, so vivid, so unlike any she has ever had before. And when he explains how she can achieve them, by focusing on her hands when she suspects she may be dreaming, Sloane can’t wait to give it a go.

Sure enough, her first lucid experiment does not disappoint. She finds herself in a brilliant dream realm where every color is brighter, every sound sharper and every sensation more magical than any she has experienced in the waking world.

The dream, however, quickly turns into a horrific nightmare, when she is able to peek into her neighbor’s apartment. There, she is confronted by gruesome visions of a teenager being held captive in a shadowy, secret room. Chained, blindfolded and gagged, the girl kneels naked on a cold and uncarpeted floor. Seeping from the wounds and smarting from the bruises that litter her entire body.

Sloane’s friends try to convince her to forget the experience, after all it was ‘only a dream’. But because of the intense nature of her nightmare, Sloane is unable to put the disturbing images out of her mind. More terrifying dreams follow, all centered around her neighbor, Mr. Phillips, and the wretched creature he’s hiding in his tiny torture chamber.

To make matters worse, Sloane has begun to notice some very strange behavior from her mysterious neighbor. And a search on the internet reveals that the man she once thought of as sweet and friendly may have a few skeletons lurking in his closet.

Is she letting her imagination run away with her, or is it possible that her nightmares have some element of truth behind them? In her lucid state of heightened senses and raised consciousness, has she somehow stumbled upon details of horrors that are actually taking place in the real world?

So obsessed by the idea of exposing Phillips and rescuing the battered victim who haunts her dreams, Sloane hatches an extremely risky plot to uncover the truth. But the answers that await her could turn out to be the most frightening nightmare of all. 

Lucid is out now in e-book edition and Amazon Kindle edition. 

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Excerpt from Lucid 

It was then that she spotted it, smeared about his middle. An ugly, misshapen splotch. A stain that must have been left behind by some sort of crimson fluid.


The smile left Sloane’s mouth immediately.

Mr. Phillips moistened a thumb pad against the very tip of his tongue. He used it to rub benignly at the red mess across his front. He took a step forward. Another. Inspecting his fingernails as he trod.

But as he edged further away from the yawning doorframe, Sloane’s eyes chose not to follow. They were drawn, instead, by a sudden stirring in the shadowed room behind her neighbor.

If she tilted her head, at just the right angle, she could see into the dreary chamber. Could make out the windowless walls. The unadorned floor. The denizen within. A female. Young. In her teens, perhaps. Kneeling naked on the tile. Her arms stretching heavenward, like the stems of a scrawny weed that was desperate to reach the light of the sun. Her wrists held fast by a large-link chain that dangled from the ceiling. 
There were bruises, vivid purple, that appeared to cover almost every inch of her haggard frame. There were jagged wounds blemishing her legs, her belly, the ribs that could be counted, one by one, as they jutted through her pallid flesh.

And there was blood. So very much of it. Some clotted amid the tangled thatch on her scalp. Some dribbling over the strips of duct tape that smothered her lips and eyes.

Even her nostrils were oozing it, as they struggled to draw breath. As her miserable body drooped there, chin slumped against an unclothed chest. 
She was barely moving, barely hanging on, a fragile, wretched thing. A decrepit Barbie doll some kid brother had borrowed, and played with far too roughly. Returning it to the toy box, filthy and bedraggled. Missing handfuls of its once pretty hair.


Manic Readers 4 Star Review of Lucid 

Sloane is a typical college student who spends her free time hanging out with her friends. Her best friend, Alex, and Alex’s boyfriend, Silas, begin talking about dreams and their significance on one such occasion. Over the next few days, Sloane’s dreams become more and more detailed and disturbing. She enlists the aid of her friends in dispelling her belief that one of her dreams is, in fact, real. Every day she becomes more and more afraid to fall asleep and dream of the things that lead her to believe the unthinkable about someone close to her.

When I finished reading Lucid by Katherine Angela Yeboah, I had to sit a minute and digest the possibilities evoked by this story. The dreams and their explanations kept me up at night wondering about their significance. When I wasn’t reading, I found myself mulling over the scenes and the characters. While this is a definite page-turner, the reader should savor each page. The plot of this book is so intense that it is hidden until the unveiling at the end. It left me stunned. This book is so well written that it will remain with you long after you are done reading it. It will follow you every time you dream. Few books have affected me so intensely. I plan to follow this author like a feline after catnip. Well done, Ms. Yeboah.

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Author information:

Katherine Angela Yeboah is a mystery author who was born in London, England, and now resides in Los Angeles. A long time writer and lover of the mystery/suspense genre, Katherine had her first novel, Lucid, published earlier this year. 


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