The Mills of God by Justin R. Smith

The Mills of God
by Justin R. Smith
To survive a murderous conspiracy, an heiress must remember her past life.

Synopsis: Constance Fairchild is an eccentric heiress haunted by images and dreams she feels are from a previous life. Orphaned at fourteen, she is sent to a Swiss boarding school, where she finds concrete proof of her reincarnation. Upon inheriting her family’s fortune, she stumbles upon a conspiracy to control it that involves murdering her and all her friends. Using knowledge from her previous life, she triumphs and resolves her life’s central mystery.

The Mills of God is available at: Amazon and some bookstores


Excerpts from reviews:

Combining corporate espionage, intrigue and murder with poetry, art and the enduring strength of the human soul, The Mills of God is a pleasure to read.    more . . .

Like the stories of mythology, Justin R. Smith’s The Mills of God immerses the reader in the timeless issues of human striving in the face of the implacable forces of the universe.    — Prof. Eva Thury, coauthor of Introduction to Mythology: Contemporary Approaches to Classical and World Myths (Oxford University Press)

Some of the best mystery novels juxtapose tricky concepts seamlessly with both real life scenarios and great characterization . . . The Mills of God does just exactly that with the same deft skill as (Dan) Brown or (Stephen) King.  more . . .

Click here for an interview with Constance Fairchild


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