Stormy Weather by Sherrie Hansen

An ill wind is brewing up a storm and as usual, Rachael Jones is in the middle of the fray. If the local banker succeeds in bulldozing the Victorian houses she’s trying to save, she’s in for yet another rough time before the skies clear. The only bright spots on the horizon are her friendship with Luke… and her secret rendezvous with Mac…Is Rachael meant to weather the storm with Luke, who touches her heart and soul so intimately, or with Mac, who knows each sweet secret of her body?

Stormy Weather excerpt: 

Mac lay beside Rachael without moving, feeling the swell of her rib cage moving up and down, hearing her soft sighs. Her lashes lay against her cheek, her hair in wisps at the side of her face. The tension between her brows had disappeared. A sweet tenderness like he had never known welled up in Mac’s heart.

His photographer’s eye saw the two of them from an overhead angle; shot in black and white for heightened contrast save Rae’s rosy cheeks. Black and white with a blush of color on her face, so soft that an unsolicited viewer would look and look again, thinking, Am I imagining that hint of color? There, on her cheeks. Do you see it? Is it there, or am I dreaming?

In his mind’s eye Mac could see the two of them as clearly as if he were shooting a layout and not posed beside her, spread out on the sheets in effortless disarray, their limbs entwined, the bedding falling around them in soft, tangled folds. How he wished he could be two places at once, here in her arms, and capturing this sweetness for all time through the body of his camera.

“I love you, Rae,” Mac whispered, snuggling her from behind.

“I love you, too, Luke.” Rae responded from her semi-sleep, never even realizing that she had thrust daggers into his heart.

To read the first chapter of Stormy Weather: click here 

By day, Sherrie Hansen operates a Victorian bed & breakfast and tea house called The Blue Belle Inn. By night, she enjoys writing novels, quilting, playing the piano, renovating old houses and traveling. Sherrie and her husband live in Northern Iowa.


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