The Well of Souls by Justin R. Smith

The Well of Souls
by Justin R. Smith
A psychic heiress battles terrorists and intelligence agencies to prevent a nuclear holocaust.

Blurb written by Smith’s publisher, Silver Leaf Books: Over centuries, the Fairchild family has used their vast fortune, business empire, and unscrupulous nature to become one of the most dominant companies globally, while also gaining control over a large portion of the American economy.

As the reluctant head of Horizon International Corporation—the family business—the eccentric heiress and college student, Constance Fairchild, is the last of the family line. Her demanding and lonely life spins out of control when her secretary, Angela dies in an apparent terrorist bombing at her company.

With her last breath, Angela makes Constance promise to look after her four-year-old son, Tim. Believing Angela died in her place, Constance does more than that—she adopts him. But in the days following the attack, mysteries begin to confound her as Constance learns that everything she thought she knew about her secretary—including her name—was false.

While seeking answers, Constance develops strange and terrifying psychic powers—giving her a view of the world she never imagined possible, and she learns that nothing at her company is as it appears. Trapped in the midst of corporate conspiracy, espionage, and unparalleled savagery, Constance must confront her Board of Directors and regain control.

Amidst shocking betrayals, the threat of mobsters seeking to kill her and her friends, pursuit by foreign intelligence services, the near-collapse of the American economy, and a terrorist conspiracy on American soil, Constance must use all of her power and resources to overcome her plight and save millions of lives—including her own and her son’s.

Revisiting the chaotic world of Constance Fairchild, Justin Smith opens his latest novel, “Angels, Twice Descending,” (renamed “The Well of Souls”) with a dream sequence that foreshadows events to come, immediately pulling the reader into the adventures of the protagonist while using lyrical language full of symbolic imagery.
— Mary Simmons of Bookpleasures

Click here for an interview with Constance Fairchild


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