The Adventures of Machu and Jack by Tabitha Grace Smith

The Adventures of Machu and Jack

Authored by Tabitha Grace Smith 
Illustrated by Mindy Lou Hagan 

Reading level: Ages 3-7
Softcover: 48 pages
Product Dimensions:
 8.25 x 8.25 inches x 0.1 inch
It’s no fun being a pirate cat when you’re afraid of the water, but Jack the Kitten (fiercesome pirate in his own mind) can’t be scared to take a bath, can he? When his older brother shows him the power of his own imagination Jack learns that there’s no time to be afraid when you’re having fun.

About the author:
Tabitha Grace Smith has been writing interesting stories since age 6 (and by interesting we mean fascinating). She’s worked with kids for over 16 years and, in “Jack the Kitten is Very Brave”, she’s been able to pair her passion for kids with her love of cats and pirates! She currently lives in Los Angeles with the real life versions of Machu and Jack. When she’s not writing she works in social media and marketing.

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