Vendetta: A Deadly Win by Nancy A. Niles


When Private Investigator, Tina Munroe agrees to help out an old friend little does she know the danger she’s put herself and her loved ones in.  Billy Hutchins is being stalked by a killer who has a bead on him and Tina’s desire to protect Billy places her squarely in the stalker’s sights.  She encounters vandalism, a psycho with a Molotov cocktail, a gangster who has his own agenda for mixing into her case and a high speed chase through the city of Las Vegas.  The reader is taken to Laughlin, Nevada, The Lake Mead Marina, the World Series of Poker in Vegas and a trek through the pouring rain in the pitch black of night through a snake infested desert.  Time is running out when her friend and assistant, Megan is kidnapped.  Have Tina’s actions to save one friend caused another friend to die?  Can she stop the killer in time?  Could the killer be someone she knows and trusts?


     He just couldn’t believe the luck these people had.  A cunning, slippery bunch.  He’d never held much belief in God or Satan.  Sure, he’d gone to church on a regular basis when he had been a kid, but it all seemed like so much make believe.  Now, since he’d come face to face with this darkness he’d been forced to reassess even his most fundamental ideas.  Evil had invaded his life with what seemed a supernatural force.  Did that mean God did not exist?

       Good and evil are two sides of the same coin he’d heard a preacher say.  That preacher had also said evil is right here all around us, only we’ve gotten accustomed to it’s face and can’t see it anymore.  That’s why it can invade our lives and destroy us.

     And evil had been staring him right in the face all these years.  His eyes had become opened when he’d been in that mental hospital.  About all they ever did consisted of watching television and keeping everyone sedated. 

            But there had been a power at work there.  The hand of God had come down and touched him in The Gregson Mental Hospital…


Nancy Niles is a native Las Vegan who has traveled extensively by road from coast to coast and into Canada and Mexico.  She is a member of the Private Eye Writer’s of America and has had numerous poems published by The International Library of Poetry.  Her poem “Red Cross Thoughts,” won an Editor’s Choice Award.  Nancy is a graphic artist and worked as an extra in the movie Con Air.

“I love adventure and am always looking for new things to learn and new places to go.  I created my main character, Tina Munroe with that same spirit.”

Click here to buy: Vendetta

Click here to read the first chapter: Vendetta

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