Journey Home by Linda Nance

Lara inherits the home where she was raised.  She found success in her life professionally but felt alone and uneasy.  She is being stalked, but no one believes her.  She is required by the will to live in the family home for nine months.  If she fails to stay for the nine months, Alan, a man she had never heard of will inherit all from her family. Alan, however, turns out to be an ally. It wasn’t until they discover the truth that Lara could feel she had completed the Journey and was finally Home.


What they found inside left them speechless. They saw the bloody lifeless form of Dennis on the floor where he fell when the deputy shot him. Donald was the first to speak. “Call an ambulance and the State Police.” He bent down to Dennis and was shocked to realize Dennis was not dead. He was close to it, but clung to the few fad­ing strains of life. Donald put pressure on the wounds to slow the bleeding. He leaned closer to hear what Dennis was trying to say.

The words were a gurgling whisper. “Help her. Took her, will kill, go now.” He passed out.

Donald was frantic. “Who took her? Where did they take her? Dennis, Dennis, Please help us.” Dennis could not hear him.

“He said they took her. Charley had said they were here. He said the past was meeting the present and to find her. Oh please, God help me.” Allen literally prayed.

Donald felt the same way. We have to check the cabin again and Paul’s house. If we don’t see anything there I don’t know where to check. They might be in the vehicle we took the pictures of. Dennis has the license number in his notes. I can’t leave him until help gets here. He’s barely holding on as it is and we have to keep pressure on it or he’s as good as dead. You gotta do this one buddy. I need to go with you, but we can’t do both.”

Allen had already gone into action. He got Char­ley’s hunting rifle and the handgun. He checked to make sure they were loaded and had extra shells. “When help gets here, you tell them where I went. Here’s Lara’s cell phone. You call Johnny and tell him. His number to his cell phone is in the memory.”

He leaned down to the lifeless form of Dennis. He knew he could probably not even hear them but had to say the words anyway. “You hang in there buddy. Help’s on the way. Your friends are here, and we all stick to­gether.” There was a slight flutter of his eyelids. Allen was out the door at a run. He got Charley’s old truck out of the shed. On the second try it started and he was flying down the road.


Linda Nance is the author of two novels, Life Goes On and Journey Home.  She is a wife, mother, daughter, aunt, friend, neighbor, Grandmother and now author.  She loves to write, art, crafts, but most of all the love and good times of family and friends.  These books are a part of her dreams and she will never give up.  Dreams really can come true if we work hard and believe.

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