“Where the Sun Sets” By Ann Marie

Where the Sun Sets: Best friends since childhood, two women are forced to define that friendship when one is critically injured while protecting the other. While one woman must come to terms with past events she never stopped to notice, the other comes face to face with a past she fought hard to forget.


“I am so sorry Anthony. Please, you have to believe me. I never wanted anything bad to happen to you. I don’t know how things got this bad. Why, how it happened. You were so perfect, so flawless. So smart and so pretty. Everything I ever wanted to be.” Josephine cut herself off at the sound of footsteps outside the door. She held her breath for a moment, before continuing.

“Anthony, Anthony I love you… Please be okay Anthony… I need you to be okay.” Josephine whispered, trying to avoid being overheard by whoever might have been at the door. Anthony tried to open her eyes. She managed the slightest of cracks, but the light was so bright it hurt and she closed them again to shut out the pain. Josephine felt a surge of excitement. “Anthony? Are you awake? Anthony, can you hear me?”

Anthony heard her mother’s voice pleading with her. She was not going to give in this time. She was angry with her mother. She was angry with everything. Angry and scared and now her head hurt as well. She wanted her to go away. Just go away and leave her alone. Maybe she would get lucky and die. Just like that baby bird died.

Anthony had watched for days as the mother bird pleaded with the baby to take flight. But the baby wasn’t ready. The baby didn’t want to do it. The baby cried and begged to stay with the mother. But the mother pushed the baby. Made the baby do it just like she did. Told her it wouldn’t hurt. Told her it was the right thing to do. And then pushed her into doing it. When the baby fell, the mother cried. “Oh, I’m so sorry.” Anthony thought she heard the mother bird say, as it flew to the ground to check on her chick. “Get up, get up quickly before something gets you.” The mother bird hopped back and forth, on the dirt, near her baby, for hours. Then the something came. A nasty smelling rat cat. It sat back on its haunches watching and waiting. Daring the mother to do something to stop him. But the mother did nothing. The mother flew up to the safety of the tree and watched. Crying and pleading with the rat cat. Begging her chick to forgive her. But as the cat crept closer, the mother turned away. The baby bird closed its eyes and went stiff. The cat pawed it back and forth, but seemed to lose interest with the baby bird, since it would not respond. Eventually the baby bird just stopped living. With any luck, thought Anthony, if she stayed very still and pretended not to be listening, maybe she too would just stop living.


Ann Marie is a single mother of three. After learning how to read in the first grade all she ever wanted to do was write books for others to read.

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