Excerpt From “In Love with Death” by Y. Correa

Sophia, is a young Puerto Rican-American girl who has just lost her closest ally, her grandmother, “Abuela”. It is just after the funeral, at the cemetery, where Sophia meets the tall, almost angelic man who will play such an unexpected role in her life. A love story. A fantasy. An adventure. In Love with Death tells a tale of “fate” far beyond the normal meaning of that little four-letter word. How else would you explain why Sophia falls so deeply in love with death?


I never really thought that there was much more to life, than what I was already living. The monotonous day to day, non eventful, flow of things that continued each and every day. Get up, get ready, go to work, deal with day to day problems, listen to family fuss and moan and do it again… Every day.

So, my choice of escape and excitement? Horror movies. I mean, honestly, something had to give… I would hope. Don’t get me wrong. I loved my family, friends and work. But, at the end of the day, I still felt empty. Lonely.

It’s amazing what can happen when you least expect anything to happen. How one crack in the thin glass of life, can shatter it entirely. So, we have to choose. Do we mend it or leave the crack there? And, if we leave it there; is it worth letting everything fall apart into a million teeny tiny pieces? Well, honestly, I didn’t know. One thing I was sure of though, I chose to let my heart mend. Would it be for good or for bad? Well, only God knew.


A dull roar. That’s all I could hear. Souls. That’s all I could see. What was this that I was living? If you could call it “living” at all. I didn’t see people, but shadows. I didn’t feel life, but death. I didn’t feel emotions, but emptiness. I didn’t feel… anything. It was all a blur. Clustered together in an array of colors and shapes. The sound, that low roar… it was difficult to make out. My thoughts were focused, not so much on the sound, as they were on the colors. So many people. All different. Some good. Some bad. Some breathing. Some barely breathing. ALL SOULS. It was funny what you could see when you stood in the middle of the Emergency Room. Who survived. Who didn’t. Who cried. Who laughed. Who mourned. Who celebrated. Yet, all of them, everyone; A soul. A soul for the taking.

I remembered… almost…. what it was like when I floated in the middle of this cluster myself. Before my life… or should I say; my death… changed forever. It felt like aeons ago. I didn’t want this. I never asked for it. Why was I not allowed to be like everyone else? “Fate” This was the answer I was given. “Fate” What a bleak and meaningless word to express something no one can truly explain.

I wanted… No! I needed, a change. My vast emptiness had drowned me in a lagoon of unwillingness. In a river of curiosity. In an ocean of questions. Questions, unanswered by the Higher Sources. Questions, that still lingered in the clouds of my emptiness. Why am I? Why do I exist? What’s the purpose? When (if at all) would it change?

I had a plan. A plan to subtly replace myself once again into this world of colorful souls. To persuasively introduce myself yet again, to THIS my most intriguing temptation. I believe I am, whom I once was. This, wasn’t me. This, is who I was forced to be. Yet, I fought. I disputed this unwanted persona that had been involuntarily cast upon me. One day! One day, I would be who I once was. One day! This monster would cease to exists.

Bed two. The doctors, the running, the yelling. The focus on bringing her back. It was futile. It was sad to say that she was just a child. A baby. Five years of age. Why did FATE find in necessary to take her? She had yet to even start to live. It was not my choice. I only followed orders. Her soul was lovely, just as a little girl should be. A soft pink. Like a princess. Beautiful.

“Come child.” I extended my hand so that she would take it.

“Where am I going?” she asked. The innocence in her voice was heart breaking. Or would be, if I had a heart.

“I’m taking you to a safe place. Somewhere that you will never feel pain again. You will be happy there, sweet child.”

“Cindy” She said. “My name is Cindy.”

“A beautiful name, for a beautiful girl.” her smile seemed as if it could quite literally light up the room.

“Well Cindy, do you see that very pretty light?”

“Yes.” she said with bright eyes.

“Walk into it. Go on child. Pretty Cindy.”

“But why? Where’s mommy and daddy? Why do I have to go?” there they were. The questions that always came up after I had collected them.

“Don’t worry, Cindy. Your grandmother is there waiting for you. I promise. Before you know it, Mommy and Daddy will be there with you also.” What else was I to say to such a new and delicate creature?

“Okay…” she said, not so convinced that what I was telling her was the truth. She obeyed nonetheless. When she entered, she realized that my words were true and secure.

“Grammy!!” she called out with utter happiness.

I turned. The mother, yelling. The father, failing at his attempt to be strong. The doctor, saddened. The confusion. The horrified faces. All of it, ALL too familiar. ALL too real.


Y. Correa is a YA Paranormal Interracial Fiction Author of a story collection called “The Fate Books Collection”, “In Love with Death” being the first of the series.

WEBPAGES: http://fatebooks.yolasite.com, http://ycorreafb.blogspot.com


One Response to “Excerpt From “In Love with Death” by Y. Correa”

  1. Sheila Deeth Says:

    “one crack in the thin glass of life”–what an evocative turn of phrase!

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