Excerpt From “Demon Hunter: Saga” by Cynthia Vespia

Book Synopsis: Do you know what horrors lie beyond these pages? Costa Calabrese has just uncovered the truth about his past. Some truths should never be revealed. When you learn you’re the son of the worlds foremost and feared hunter of demons, life’s rules inevitably change. Now Costa has been chosen to walk in his famed father’s footsteps and take up the role his bloodline demands of him…whether he wants to or not. He is a killer of killers, laying waste to the scourge of evil that threatens the existence of mankind. He is the chosen one. He is the Demon Hunter.


As the mighty hunter of demons, Costa Calabrese has known wealth, fame, the fear of men and true love. Now one brush with The Destroyer is threatening the life he treasures. Costa’s entire world is being exposed as nothing but a lie. Costa’s greatest and final battle is at hand as he battles the darkest demons of all…the ones in his head.

A thousand possibilities ran through my mind. I tried to persuade myself that he was right. Talisa would come back and everything would be as it was before. Deep in my heart I knew the truth. And then I saw it, the marking on the wall just as in my visions. It read: “I am sent here by the chosen one. So shall it be written. So shall it be done. Child of light, be it daughter or son, is to be destroyed.” She was gone just like that. Vanished without a trace or an explanation. The only thing that made any sense to me were the visions. Something dark and sinister had invaded our home and swept Talisa off into the night. How could I have let this happen? I speak all the time of not having regret and now I had to live with another. I would never, ever forgive myself for leaving her that day. I had tried to make peace within myself, saying it would only be for a little while and then I’d return to her and we’d live out our lives together until we were old and gray. But suddenly my perfect world had been turned upside down and I’d somehow lost the love of my life. I fell to my knees, shattered with despair. Paralay tried to comfort me to no avail. Nothing he could say would make me feel any better. The only person I wanted to talk to was the one person I couldn’t find. My breath caught in my chest and I started to shudder. I couldn’t speak. Pain hollowed out my insides like a searing hot knife and I felt as though my heart might literally shatter. I couldn’t catch my breath and when I did I only managed to utter one word. “Destroyer.”


Find out more about Cynthia Vespia and Demon Hunter:Saga at her website: http://www.CynthiaVespia.com, on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cynthia.vespia, and at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Click here for an interview with: Costa Calabrese from “Demon Hunter: Saga” by Cynthia Vespia

Click here for an interview with: Cynthia Vespia, author of “Demon Hunter: Saga”

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