Excerpt from “The Fall of Man” by Gwendolyn Graves

In an attempt to prevent Armageddon, IT’S CREATED!!!

When Katrina Wroth is abducted by a secretive group, she embarks on an epic journey that leads her through the bowels of hell and into the next era.

Immersed in her captor’s apocalyptic ideology, Katrina learns that they’re on crusade to bring peace to the Middle East–no matter what the cost. If she can’t prevent their misguided ploy, a scourge will befall humanity, redefining our interpretation of the word MANKIND.


As the great playwright, William Shakespeare, once wrote, “What’s in a name?”

What’s in a name, indeed? A person could go by many of them in a life time: given names, maiden names, married names, stage names, pen names, and even aliases. I suppose that you could break them down into two groups: the names that other people give you and the names that you give yourself.

Shortly after delivery, you’re assigned your legal name…comprised of a birth name, one or two middle names, and a surname…which is usually nothing more than an ego boost for whoever happens to be sleeping with your mom at the time. OKAY, so maybe I’m a little cynical when it comes to the whole last name thing.

If you have a relative that favors you, you might get a pet name. A best friend might give you a nickname. Then again, the bully at school might call you names for the heck of it. Rarely are these titles flattering; they usually point out a character flaw and ruthlessly exploit it. I know that for the most part family and friends are just doing what most family and friends do, but–personally–I’d hate to be the fat guy who everyone lovingly refers to as CHUNK.

To a man, the last name is everything. Similar to a dog urinating on a shrub, it’s their I-WAS-HERE mark on the world. The average woman has a total of three last names in her lifetime, and so they don’t hold much meaning for us.

A lot of tradition goes into naming a child. My family has developed a few customs of its own. Every female is given the first name “Lilith” in honor of our grandmother. The first middle name commemorates another relative. The second middle name is something I’ve coined our call name. My full name is Lilith Odessa Katrina Wroth.

Names are supposed to have meaning to them, like an insight into your personality or future. When I researched the meaning of my names, I was sorely disappointed. I think that I would have had better luck having my palm read at the county fair. Lilith is Arabic for A PERSON OF THE NIGHT; however, I prefer the mornings. Odessa is Greek for LONG JOURNEY; yeah right, I’m a recluse…I barely leave my bedroom. And then there is Katrina, which is German for PURE. Holy smokes…we’ve got a WINNER! Being a blond-haired, blue-eyed virgin, I’m as pure as they come. I’m sure that the Nazi Army would have had a field day with me. No thanks, I’ll just keep that tidbit of information to myself.

Even though I’ve been given a couple of embarrassing nicknames during my youth, most everyone in my family calls me Katrina; however, now that I’m older, I insist upon being called Kat.

Although I’ve never been allowed to own a pet, I suppose that you could call me a cat person. Like me, they’re aloof creatures that’d prefer solitude to a crowded room any day.

And although I know that there isn’t any credibility to the claim, I love the notion of them having nine lives. Having already cheated death once myself, I like to think of us having something in common. Perhaps I, too, have a few more lives up my sleeves before my final name is chiseled above my grave.


This series is published in an episodic format that is similar the radio soap operas of old. There are four novellas, each ending with a dramatic cliffhanger meant to encourage you to TUNE IN later.



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