Excerpt From “Johnny Oops” by Arthur Levine

Hell bent to prove he’s a messenger of God, and not just a teenager overcome by raging hormones, Johnny Oops sets out on a Journey to find himself. Unable to decide if he is a charlatan, prophet or sex maniac, Johnny’s wild ride of self discovery and coming of age leads him down a tumultuous road of highs and heartbreak, beginnings and attempted endings to one, final life-changing epiphany. Electrified by the genes of a genius, counseled and conflicted by his inner self, Johnny finds that salvation and redemption can only be had by traveling the precarious vistas of a new reality of his own making.



Someone brought a big old-fashioned boom box, which blasted out French party music by a wicked group called Rinôçérôse from an album named Installation Sonore (V2) and dozens of others whose names I can’t remember. Forget the misspelling of Rhinoceros. The Album was made by two former French physiologists and the cover is a picture by a psychiatric patient of a rhinoceros. He couldn’t spell properly even in French. They gave me a copy of the Rinôçérôse album as a going away present hoping I would introduce it at some of the dance clubs I go to in NYC. Me and my imagination, I made a decision on the spot never to exaggerate to the people that I care about.

The music played none stop, but no one bothered us. One of Danielle’s friends is the son of the head gendarme or policeman. We danced, partied, and many couples including Danielle and I snuck off to make love behind the sand dunes.

Later, as a blazing roiled sun set behind the horizon, everyone gathered together to toss me into the air in a blue beach blanket with a picture of Mickey Mouse in black and red. They cheered my name. “Johnny, Johnny, we love you,” they shouted in English. “Johnny, Johnny, don’ go. Johnny, Johnny, come back soon.”

Why did I have to come a foreign country to find friends who really care about me? Maybe I wasn’t ready to be a social animal before, and maybe Danielle has brought out the best in me. I don’t know. All I know is that I’m out, and I’m loving the togetherness. May the party of life go on forever. I don’t want to be alone any more.


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