Excerpt From “The Desolate Garden” by Danny Kemp.

Only months before the murder of Lord Elliot Paterson and his youngest son Edward, an address in Leningrad is discovered hidden in the ledgers of the Families Private Bank in Westminster, dating back to the 1930’s.—-There is a spy in the Family, but on whose side?
Elliot’s eldest son, Harry, is recruited into the British Intelligence Service to uncover the traitor.

The Desolate Garden is a twisting tale of deceit and intrigue spanning decades when the truth was best not told!

Lord Harry Paterson, Earl of Harrogate is introduced to an attractive woman from the Foreign Office and together, desperately, try to unravel the intricate web before the killer strikes again.


The first time I saw her was three days after I was told that my father had died.

All the national newspapers had carried the story in their first editions; most describing him as a private banker, others as simply a financier. All had speculated as to why. The majority of the more respectful had suggested pressure, and stress in the currant financial world. However, the most popular tabloids had repeated the accusation – for which he had successfully sued them -,that his money had come from unscrupulous and tyrannical rulers of various African countries. Only this time they glossed over some previously mentioned names, and added the word ‘alleged.’ They had not known that he had been murdered.

“Tell me a joke,” she said. She was seated at the table nearest the bar in the Dukes Hotel, in London’s St James.

“What?” I replied, in complete surprise.

“I’ve had a really shitty day, and I need cheering up. Come and join me,” she suggested, enticing me in from the lobby.


Find out more about Danny Kemp at http://www-thedesolategarden-com.co.uk/


2 Responses to “Excerpt From “The Desolate Garden” by Danny Kemp.”

  1. Tamy Burns Says:

    Wonderful! This pulled me in and now I want to finish reading! Can’t wait to get my copy!

  2. Sheila Deeth Says:

    Oh, definitely intriguing, and such a great title too.

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