Excerpt From “Crow and Canary: Trail of Blood” by Heikki Eskola

Crow and Canary: Trail of Blood is the second short story in the Crow and Canary superhero thriller series. William Schwarze Junior was no one. Now he’s the most notorious serial killer in Gotham City. After brutally ending the lives of a suburban family, Schwarze Jr. goes after Zoe Corvo and Laura Drake, two young female vigilantes determined to fight evil in their city. At the same time, a powerful demon walks the streets of Gotham, trying to release its peers on Earth through spilling the blood of Zoe’s family.


William Schwarze Junior was standing in the bathroom, next to the toilet seat. He was wearing a long brown coat covering his body. Just his bald head, coat, jeans, and his black combat boots were visible. Brian just stared at him.

“Oh well, on with the show, right? The best part is yet to come. I’m sorry, this is going to hurt a bit, pal.”

William pulled a taser from the pocket of his coat and sweeped it on Brian’s neck. The electricity buzzing from the device made Brian drop down to his knees with his body convulsing restlessly. William put the taser back to his pocket and grabbed William’s woollen sweater. He started dragging William’s limp body from the bathroom to the bedroom of Brian and Nina across the corridor.

Nina and Eric were still sitting at the table.

“Can I go?” Eric asked in an impatient tone.

“No. We’ll wait for your father. I’m sure he and Janet are having a good conversation, maybe he’ll get your sister to join us.”

Eric had a bored look on his face.

“Ok, whatever.”

A loud dragging sound was heard from the terrace just above the kitchen table. It lasted for a minute and stopped.

“What the hell was that?” Eric asked.

Nina had a baffled look on her face.

“I don’t know. And watch your lang-”

Something slammed into the window next to the kitchen table which shattered into small pieces with a loud crash. Brian Branson’s body hit the kitchen table with pieces of bowls, eating utensils and food flying everywhere. Nina screamed from the top of her lungs and Eric had a horrified look, staring at his father’s body lying on the table. Brian had a plastic bag over his head, tightened by the thick rope around his neck. Brian was breathing heavily inside the bag.

Brian started yelling something that turned into inaudible noise because of the plastic bag. Nina had stepped away from the table, crying and yelling. Eric was still sitting at the table, staring at his father in front of him.

“Aahn afaaagghh” was all Nina or Eric could make of Brian’s words.

“Open the bag! Open it, he can’t breath!” Nina yelled.

Eric took a knife and cut open the plastic bag with it.

Brian took a huge breath and yelled again, now sounding perfectly clear.

“Run away, he’s coming!”

Nina grabbed Eric’s arm and started running towards the front door. They heard William’s laughter from the stairs.

“Oh boy, oh boy.. What a show!” William said. He stood on the middle of the stairs.

Nina looked at him with tears running on her cheeks.

“Why.. Why are you doing this to us?”

William cracked into laughter.

“Oh, you should ask your dear husband.. I’m sure he’ll know by now!”

Nina looked back to the kitchen.

“Brian.. What is he talking about?”

Brian was lying on the kitchen table. Some of his bones had broken on the fall and some items on the table had penetrated his back. He lifted his head up in agony and said:

“I.. I didn’t know about this, I swear, honey, I-”

William shot Nina in the head with the silencer on the pistol dampening the sound to a hiss. Eric stared at his mother whose body dropped next to him on the floor.

“No!” Brian yelled.

Brian was crying on the table. The tears flowed from his eyes, blurring his vision. He laid his head on the table, as keeping his head up was too painful.

“Eric.. I.. I love you..”

Eric started sobbing as well.

“Dad, I love-”

Brian heard the hiss of the silenced pistol again. He knew what happened and didn’t lift his head anymore. He had given up. His family was gone.


Heikki Eskola is a 20 year old author, graphic designer and self-titled “Boy Wonder”. He lives in Helsinki, Finland. Heikki loves creative work in all forms and has been into writing since the first praise for his writing he received from his first grade teacher.

An ebook copy of Crow and Canary: Trail of Blood can be found at Smashwords for just $0.99! https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/210605

Heikki has a blog for the Crow and Canary series: http://crowandcanarybooks.com/


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