Excerpt From “Serpent Singer and Other Stories” by M. H. Bonham

Sea Serpents, and Demons, and Trolls, oh my!

Even before Shadowhelm became embroiled in the fight of his life against the demon emperor Allarun in Prophecy of Swords, Shadowhelm was fighting on the side of good. Join his adventures as he battles slavers, sea serpents, trolls, shapeshifters, pirates and a very nasty demon in these five stories sure to entertain and delight all who love epic fantasy !and sword and sorcery.


Ulaf swore and drew his sword. “All hands!” he roared above the wind. “Serpent!” He glared at Shadowhelm. “Do your magic, boy!”

Shadowhelm frowned. His “magic” was not Eleion or even Shara’kai magic – it was cold steel and adamantine. Still, he knew some basic wards. He closed his eyes, trying to ignore the pounding rain, the yells of the warriors, the shrieks of terrified horses, and even the lurch of the ship. He focused on moving his hands in the way the old Shara’kai shaman had taught him so long ago.

Shadowhelm could feel the sea serpent as it glided through the waves. He could sense its thoughts—such as they were for such a creature—through the magic. It was hungry—yes, very hungry. But that was not why it hunted. It would hunt fish, if it could. Fish were easier prey but the woman demanded it chase the ship…

Woman? The boat took another lash and nearly threw Shadowhelm to the deck. He caught himself on the gunwale and was brought back to the present by warriors screaming and the clash of metal on serpent scales. Shadowhelm looked up to see a blue-gray serpent staring down on him.

For a moment neither he nor the serpent moved. The creature was so big that it had wrapped its coils around the ship’s hull and threatened to smash it. The creature’s cat-like eyes were dark blue—so startling that Shadowhelm could do nothing but stare into them. It bared its rows of sharp teeth and hissed at the Shara’kai. A soft lilting voice sang unfamiliar words to his ears amid the chaos.


Serpent Singer and Other Stories

Available at http://www.skywarriorbooks.com for $3.99
Also available on Amazon and Smashwords
Publisher blog at skywarriorbooks.blogspot.com
You can find my photos on
M. H. Bonham’s blog and the cover on Smashwords or Amazon.
Other worthwhile websites: http://www.prophecyofswords.com and http://www.shadowhelm.net



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