Change is in the Wind, a Collection of Short Stories by Second Wind Authors and Guests

Change Is in the Wind is a fresh, challenging collection of seventeen short stories by as many authors, all dealing with the theme of change and renewal. Virtually every major theme in modern literature, including romance, mystery, crime, science fiction, religion and even nature find their way into these marvelous, eclectic stories.

Stories include:

“Salamander” by Deborah J Ledford: What a beautiful life, to be a smart, sexy artist traveling all around the world—and hoping they don’t catch you. Deborah J Ledford hooks us in short order with a dangerous little tale of revenge reversed.

“Nerd of Prey” by Noah Baird: Funny, original and full of pathos, Noah Baird’s brief offering to our volume captures every stage of the published author’s life span—in two pages.

“Fifty-Two Years” by J J Dare: JJ Dare is legendary for possessing beautiful, evocative descriptive powers. Those abilities are revealed so clearly in this bittersweet story of timeless love running out of time.

“Pain Killer” by Dellani Oakes:In this science fiction action-adventure story, Dellani Oakes continues to build the legend of her anti-hero Wil. The tale moves as swiftly as the Colonel moves on his targets.

“Cache-22” by J. Conrad Guest: What an irony, that J. Conrad Guest, a man’s man, is truly a romantic at heart—and he brings out the romantic in all of us.

“The Willow” by Pat Bertram: How does that old scripture go—unless a seed die and fall on the ground it cannot live? In just a few pages, Pat Bertram captures the essence of timeless love and the new life that comes from loss.

“Gratitude” by Claire Collins: Lasting love and family empower us to endure the hard realities of life, as Claire Collins reveals in her brief tale of family, loss and redemption. As with all her narratives, she does not spare readers the harshness nor the joy of life.

“Apres Holiday” by Susan Surman: It’s vintage Susan Surman: intertwined loves and love stories that work out somehow just as they are supposed to, seasoned with world travel, life and death, adolescent verity and worldly wisdom. And by the time the brief read is over, we are once again in love with life.

“Caddo Creek” by Lazarus Barnhill: With his well-known ear for dialogue and surprising spontaneous interactions, Lazarus Barnhill breathes life into another quirky, unique cast of characters—this time on an Arkansas mountainside in spring.


Change is in the Wind is available from Second Wind Publishing, Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and by special order from your favorite book store.


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