Excerpt From “To Tell the Truth” by Faye M. Tollison

Anna Kayce had faced many difficulties in her life and had carried some heavy responsibilities. When she met Senator Kenneth Levall, her world soared. Until that fateful day when the gun she held fired, and the senator fell on the floor at her feet and died.

Anna had to dig deep to find the strength to endure what followed: the murder of her sister, the destruction of her life, and lastly facing a courtroom full of people, a judge, and a jury in an effort to save the man she really loved. He had confessed to the murder of the senator in order to protect Anna from being charged with the murder.

It was now time for her to stand up and tell the truth.


A glint of light reflected from Ken’s hand as it emerged from his jacket. He pointed the gun at her as he rushed toward her and grabbed her wrist. She pulled against his strength, raised her other hand, and brought her fist down hard across the bridge of his nose. With a grunt of pain, he loosened his grip on her. Anna’s shoulder bumped against his hand, and the gun clattered to the floor and slid a short distance away. A quick step brought Anna close enough to pick it up. The gun in her hand, she whirled to face the senator. Her cold, hard eyes held the disdain she felt.

His hand covered his nose while blood seeped between his fingers. She raised the gun and pointed it toward him. The senator’s face paled when he heard the click of the safety being released and watched with wide eyes as she cocked the gun. He lowered his hand from his nose, and his mouth dropped open. A pool of blood dribbled from his nose onto his upper lip. Over the barrel of the gun, she watched it linger there for a moment.

“Anna, don’t!” He cringed back from her.

The drop of blood made its way down his upper lip to the opening of his mouth. His tongue wiped it away, but he still reached up to wipe the blood from his nose. His eyes grew wide as he looked up at her, and he shook his head as she took aim.

“No, don’t. Please,” he begged. “I love you, Anna. Please. Think about what you’re about to do.” He held his hands up in supplication.

“This is for Tina,” she replied.

“No, Anna!” John lunged toward her.

His arms came around her from behind, and she was vaguely aware of the warmth of his body against her back. His hand reached around, fingers opened wide. His arm bumped against her arm, but before he could wrap his hand around her hand, her arm jerked. A shot reverberated through the air.

Ken looked at her in disbelief. His mouth opened and shut, but he didn’t utter a sound.

John released his grip, and the gun hit the floor with a clatter. He took a step back. Anna wrapped her arms around her waist, while the room spun. Unaware of the trembling of her body, she bent forward and covered her face with her hands as nausea filled her throat.

The senator slowly dropped to his knees, a spreading stain turning his white shirt a bright red. Then his body crumpled to the floor, and his blank eyes stared at the ceiling unseeing.

John stared in disbelief at the two people before him. Then his eyes narrowed and his hands clenched into white-knuckled fists. Horror covered his face.

“My God,” he said. “Oh, my God.”




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