Joyce Norman’s Review of “Night Swim” by Jessica Keener

Review by Joyce Norman

Title: Night Swim
Author: Jessica Keener
Publisher: Fiction Studio Books
ASIN: B005SZ0W14


Night Swim
by Jessica Keener

Book review by Joyce Norman

Hello, Jessica Keener! Come take your place next to the greats in literary history. With this novel you have earned it.

What a magnificent writer. I loved this book and found it hard to put down. I hesitated leaving it for fear something wouled happen while I was away. Written with a powerful voice and spot-on insight, sixteen year old Sarah is our guide who carries this familial story like a fragile egg on a tray made of tissue paper — precise, simple, confident. How Sarah interacts with her family, and others who cross her path, is thoughtful, emotional and multi-dimensional. Keener’s writing is near perfect and I was a convert by Chapter Two.

But, I wonder — where has this author been all my reading life? No book has so captivated me. This writer’s work is a shining example of brave risk-taking. I give her the Purple Heart in writing.


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