Excerpt from “So It Ends” by RRRoze

d6c5677841c36c327fc3c5ae39c7fcdac7f56fc9-thumbRRRoze attacks our cultural fears in this debut novel, So It Ends, the story of Tobias; a mystic’s apprentice with an unfortunate past and a unique destiny.

While the human species goes extinct in a rapid manner Tobias learns that he and a clan of other lower middle class white suburban teens will have to be the only survivors, as determined by the heavens.


Aden had a black pickup truck with a full tank of gas in the parking lot. Hopefully he had enough fuel to get to the resort. Elizabeth stayed catatonic but he could manipulate her body into following him and he secured their luggage on his shoulders. In one hand he held her wrist and in the other he grabbed the machete. Only then realizing he hadn’t cleaned the blood off of his face.

He pulled her along down the hall to the stairwell and they made their way out to the ground level where the door to the parking lot was. The grounds appeared safe and they exited immediately having not seen anybody lurking around. The cold air blew over his face and buzzed haircut. The two bags were thrown into the bed of the truck. The red thread lightning jolted around the strange cloud mass as thick as he had seen yet. He couldn’t imagine what the fuck was happening. Whatever; soft prayers to a dead god he never believed in were uttered under his breath as he helped his ruined woman into the passenger seat.

“God help me. God help me. God help me.”

No more options. Elizabeth had aided him to fend away the hopelessness but there were no more options. He was so hungry. Surely he was driving to a place he wasn’t welcome and how were they going to receive him? There was no way to know. NO MORE IDEAS. OUT OF IDEAS. NOTHING LEFT TO DO. NOWHERE LEFT TO GO. NOTHING LEFT TO DO. NO MORE IDEAS. “God help me.”

He threw the machete into the bed, opened his door, and suddenly felt strong hands grip his throat and begin choking the life out of him from behind. His heart rate skyrocketed with adrenaline as his muscles tensed simultaneously. Jumping into the air Aden hoped to topple his assailant but their feet stood firmly in place. With one of his hands still on the edge of the truck bed he pulled against the attacker’s force, somewhat aware that his feet were no longer on the ground. Pulling harder and harder his vision receded but he got his free hand to the machete, struggling to grip the handle.

Swinging it was an immediate problem; he couldn’t hit the head of the large man choking him. Desperately he chopped down into the person’s calf. Over and over; he could feel the hands on his neck loosen only slightly and he couldn’t see anymore. Managing to get a foot up onto the side of the truck he kicked off to jump away. The man’s grip did not let up but there was, for an instant, space between Aden’s back and the man’s chest. He rotated the blade to point behind him and as he fell back he thrust in with the only strength he had left. They both tumbled to the pavement and he pulled the steel out of the assailant.

Aden rolled away as fast as he could and crouched on his knees, swinging frantically even though he couldn’t see what he was swinging at. Once the man was struck, more blows were delivered with little idea of where they were landing. He only had the impact of the machete hacking flesh and cracking bone as guidance.

As the adrenaline pumped through him his wision somewhat came back and he jumped up to his feet. The enormous man writhed. Aden chopped away into the neck until there was no chance of survival; the head severed from the shoulders.

Choking, coughing, and gasping, he got up into the truck and slammed the door shut, wondering how badly he was hurt.

The ignition turned over and the V6 truck revved to life. He shifted into reverse, rolled backward, and then put it into drive, thumping over the body and hauling away as fast as he could.


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