Book Review for DEADLY ADAGIO by Carole Howard

Title: Deadly Adagio
Author: Carole Howard
Publisher: Second Wind Publishing
Genre: Mystery
ISBN: 978-1938101373

Deadly Adagio
by Carole Howard

Book review by S. M. Senden

A violin string becomes a deadly weapon in this haunting mystery set against the backdrop of Senegal. Carole Howard leads us into her tightly plotted story immersing us into the deeper social issues of western Africa as Emily, the main character unravels the death of her friend Margaret. This is a thrill ride riveting your senses leaving the reader gasping for breath up until the end.

S. M. Senden was raised in Winnetka, a north shore suburb of Chicago. From an early age reading and writing were passions as was travel. Senden has studied, lived and worked in the USA, Europe, the Mid-East and Africa, spending a number of years as an archaeological illustrator for various expeditions. S. M. Senden earned a Masters Degree and has studied creative writing, play writing and screenwriting.

Senden is the author of Clara’s Wish, Lethal Boundaries, and Murder at the Johnson and a number of ghost stories in various magazines.

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