Book Review for A GIRL ON A BIKE by Susan Emmerich

Title: A Girl on a Bike
Author: Susan Emmerich
Publisher: Second Wind Publishing, LLC
Genre: Essays
ASIN: B00UVVM6Q4download

A Girl on a Bike
by Susan Emmerich

Book review by Maribeth Shanley

I found Ms. Emmerich’s writing to be very honest and even raw at times. I loved how she would end most chapters with a little bit of a light-hearted, quip of practicality.
Her relationship with her daughter, Jules was heart-warming. I felt as happy as was Susan was when she found Miss Jules’ poem. My heart melted with hers.
Ms. Emmerich’s love for her father filled me up. It was so genuine and loving, I found myself crying. I’m so happy she had the dad she did; and the Christmas traditions were wonderful!
I laughed out loud at Susan’s sarcastic humor when it came to the hot flashes which she described to a T. “I wake up thinking a God that I’m sure is a man because a woman would never have cursed women this way!” Right on, Susan!
Being one, I absolutely loved the answer to “What moves the souls of baby boomer women?” Freedom. In spades, Susan…in spades! Right on!
Overall, very poignant soul searching which left me smiling.


MaribethMaribeth Shanley lives in Myrtle Beach, SC with her husband Bob Bibb.  They have three furry and three feathered children.  Maribeth is now retired from McCormick and Co., Inc. of the famous spice brand.  Once retired she decided to try her hand at writing.  “I’ve always loved to write and dreamed of becoming a writer.  Never did I imagine, however, it would actually happen.” Shanley is the author of the novel Crack in the World, which is based on her own experiences as a sexually abused child.

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