Book Review for A GIRL ON A BIKE by Susan Emmerich

Title: A Girl on a Bike
Author: Susan Emmerich
Publisher: Second Wind Publishing, LLC
Genre: Essays
ASIN: B00UVVM6Q4download

A Girl on a Bike
by Susan Emmerich

Book review by Carrie Jane Knowles

“I found myself with a bad case of bronchitis and a rare day in bed with a terrific book!

I loved A Girl on a Bike. It was fresh, honest, and insightful. This is a book for women of all ages. I felt like I had met a good friend and found myself hoping that I would some day have the chance to sit down and share a good laugh or cry with Susan Emmerich.

This is book to read then pass on to a friend.”


Carrie Jane Knowles has been a freelance writer for the past forty years. She has published widely in both fiction and non-fiction and has won a number of prestigious writing awards, including: Midland Authors Poetry Award, the American Heart and Torch Award for Creative Journalism, and Glimmer Train’s Very-Short Fiction Contest. She is the author of Apricots in a Turkish Garden.

Carrie and her husband, Jeff Leiter, live in Raleigh, North Carolina. They have three children.


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