Gardening As Exercise — Bertram’s Blog

Gardening is often touted as good exercise, though when I was young and able to run and hike and even lift weights, I didn’t understand why it would be so. Well, now I do understand. I spent a couple of hours this morning pulling weeds and digging a few holes for planting, and I could […]

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Gardening As Exercise — Bertram’s Blog
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2 Responses to “Gardening As Exercise — Bertram’s Blog”

  1. Wanda Says:

    You have a good looking area and it can only get better as your plants grow and fill in and you find things you love. I believe everyone has the need for a home…some place that is theirs…I came to wanting mine earlier in life than you did but we all get there in the end. Congrats on a lovely looking place.

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