About Pat Bertram

Pat Bertram, born and raised in Colorado, has become something of a nomad, looking for adventure in whatever comes her way — writing, blogging, hiking, and road tripping in her vintage Volkswagen.

After the death of her life mate/soul mate in 2010, Pat has has used her blog Bertram’s Blog, to write about the experience of grief. Along the way she has received and replied to thousands of emails from many of her readers who have also lost a loved one, and in the process has come to the conclusion that much of the orthodoxy surrounding grief is simply wrong. She has written Grief: The Great Yearning, a well-received memoir about her experiences of the first year of grief, Grief: The Inside Story — A Guide to Surviving the Loss of a Loved One, a book about grief from the perspective of the tenth year, and Unfinished, a novel about a widow who discovers that her beloved husband has many secrets.

Pat has also written five suspense novels, Madame ZeeZee’s NightmareLight BringerDaughter Am I, More Deaths Than One, and A Spark of Heavenly Fire.

Visit Pat Bertram at: Bertram’s Blog, Facebook, Good Reads, Twitter


2 Responses to “About Pat Bertram”

  1. Elaine Garverick Says:

    Hi Pat, I just finished reading “Daughter Am I”. What a riot! And what a last hurrah Mary gave her friends. I could easily visualize all of the characters…especially the “elderly gangsters”, and including the very touching portrait of LL, the nicest moll I ever met. Teach was extremely interesting to listen to, (meaning I agreed with him on everything!) and I was surprised that my suspicious nature was wrong this time re his intentions. It was a really good read and I laughed out loud! Thanks, I needed that! Elaine Garverick

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