Seeing the Bright Side — Bertram’s Blog

Anyone who has read my blog for any length of time knows I am not a glass-half-full sort of person. Nor, to be honest, am I a glass-half-empty person. I’m more prosaic than either type, more realistic. The nature of a glass is to not remain at a halfway point. If the glass contains a […]

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Seeing the Bright Side — Bertram’s Blog

Weird Times — Bertram’s Blog

This seems to be a time of weirdness for me, though if things come in threes as the saying goes, then by tomorrow, my life should be back to normal. Assuming, of course, there is a normal anymore. First, there was the issue with someone trying to change my Facebook password. By itself, it’s not […]

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Weird Times — Bertram’s Blog

Complications — Bertram’s Blog

I’m having a hard time adjusting to the new season, or maybe just to the cooler, damper weather. Whichever, I’m tired and cranky and not much interested in dealing with complications, but that’s life, right? Dealing with complications, I mean. As wonderful as the internet is — a place to bank, blog, play games, learn, […]

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Complications — Bertram’s Blog

Happy Summer — Bertram’s Blog

The first day of summer? Really? It feels as if summer has been here for the past couple of months, with temperatures into the nineties and hundreds. Today, oddly, is a cool, misty day, with fallen leaves sprinkled about. Maybe someone is playing a joke on us, and it’s really the beginning of fall. More […]

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Happy Summer — Bertram’s Blog

Reflection of What Goes on in My Life — Bertram’s Blog

When I blog every day, as I have for the past 1000 days, it’s hard to come up with blog topics, so if I think of something I might want to write about, I jot it down. One such topic on my very short list is “metaverse.” Apparently, the metaverse is like a three-dimensional internet […]

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Reflection of What Goes on in My Life — Bertram’s Blog

1000th Day of Daily Blogging — Bertram’s Blog

Today is my 1000th straight day of daily blogging. It’s not my 1000th post, that happened years ago. In fact, this is my 3,476th post. That is a lot of blogging! I would have thought that after coming up with something to write about every day for 1000 days in a row, that I would […]

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1000th Day of Daily Blogging — Bertram’s Blog

Silver Linings — Bertram’s Blog

I read an article recently that claimed there is a silver lining behind all the dangerous weather this summer: that it’s showing the weaknesses in the infrastructure. I suppose that could be considered a positive side effect of the weather-damaged roads and bridges and such, but as comforting as that thought might be, it doesn’t […]

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Silver Linings — Bertram’s Blog

Finding a Focus After Grief — Bertram’s Blog

Not everyone enjoys my gardening posts, especially those who have found this blog because of grief, and that’s understandable, but the truth is, almost all my posts, even the gardening posts, are indirectly related to grief. The past twelve years, particularly the past five when the pain of Jeff’s death pretty much disappeared, have been […]

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Finding a Focus After Grief — Bertram’s Blog

Doing Something Right — Bertram’s Blog

I’m a bit surprised at myself. Despite the discouragement of a large swathe of grass getting windburned and flowers dying because of the scorching, arid winds we had a couple of days ago, I’m still out there every day, taking care of my garden. Perhaps I’ve lost some of the joy and maybe even a […]

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Doing Something Right — Bertram’s Blog

A Day for Friendship — Bertram’s Blog

The first year that I did a daily tarot reading, I used a single card. This second year I used two cards. Next month starts my third year, and I’ll probably graduate to a three-card reading. Not that I’m learning anything much either about the tarot or myself, but you never know. If there’s anything […]

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A Day for Friendship — Bertram’s Blog