Gorgeous Autumn Day — Bertram’s Blog

I’ll bet you can’t guess what I did today! Aww, you guessed it. Where else would I be on such on gorgeous autumn day but out working in my yard? Of course, if you guessed blogging or being on the internet, that would have been a sure bet, too, because here I am. Or if […]

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Gorgeous Autumn Day — Bertram’s Blog

Daily Blogging — Bertram’s Blog

I’m starting to rethink this whole blogging thing, especially daily blogging, and that’s not a bad thing. Next week will be the fifteenth anniversary of when I started this blog. I’d read how important blogging was for authors, both as a way of getting known and as a way of connecting with readers, so even […]

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Daily Blogging — Bertram’s Blog

Uneasy — Bertram’s Blog

I wasn’t sure I wanted to post a blog today — I’m feeling uneasy and didn’t really want talk about it lest it seem as if I were complaining, though that wouldn’t have been my intention. Then I decided that this disinclination to “share” anything today wasn’t worth breaking a 1,087 daily blog streak, and […]

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Uneasy — Bertram’s Blog

What a Horror! — Bertram’s Blog

I spent the morning digging Bermuda grass out of one of the half-circle flower beds along the front ramp. It seems as if I’ve done this same cleanup in this same garden several times before, and no wonder — I have. I’ve done the fall cleanup three years in a row, as well as pulling […]

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What a Horror! — Bertram’s Blog

That Notorious Villain Mr. Death — Bertram’s Blog

I received an email with sad news today: a dear friend is coming to the end of her days. A year and a half ago, the doctors said she had only two months to live, but she managed to survive happily and with grace all this time. But now, the cancer is too advanced, and […]

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That Notorious Villain Mr. Death — Bertram’s Blog

Mostly Flowers — Bertram’s Blog

This is a quickie post, mostly photos of my flowers that are blooming today because I’ve run out of time for anything more time consuming. The weather was cool and still with bright blue skies, so I stayed outside working much longer than I should have. I cleaned weeds from around the edge of a […]

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Mostly Flowers — Bertram’s Blog

A Grass-Filled Day — Bertram’s Blog

I experienced a bit of a dichotomy today. I spent the first couple of hours in my yard planting grass, and the second couple of hours pulling up grass. I suppose it’s not as bad as it sounds, or as bad as it felt while I was doing these two tasks because I was working […]

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A Grass-Filled Day — Bertram’s Blog

Unscheduled Hours — Bertram’s Blog

It’s amazing how many hours there are in a day when you don’t spend four hours working in the yard in the morning and four hours caregiving in the late afternoon. Well, actually, there are the same number of hours in a day no matter what you are doing, but without all those hours of […]

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Unscheduled Hours — Bertram’s Blog

There Will be Hope — Bertram’s Blog

There’s something very hopeful about preparing a new garden bed, not just the hope for new flowers, but hope for the future — hope that there will be a future. That hope keeps me going despite the hard work, and it is hard, even if the plot is only about 25-square feet. That’s a lot […]

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There Will be Hope — Bertram’s Blog

Treating Myself — Bertram’s Blog

Major doings today! A friend and I treated ourselves to a trip to the big city for a shopping spree, though to be honest, it’s only a big city in comparison to this tiny burg, and the shopping spree was merely to stock up on groceries. Well, groceries and chrysanthemums in my case. The flowers […]

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Treating Myself — Bertram’s Blog