Life is a Grand Adventure — Bertram’s Blog

I don’t like dreaming. I don’t like the feeling of weird and inexplicable things happening; I don’t like the feeling of being out of control, and mostly I don’t like having to deal with any nightmarishness. I read once that if you wanted to remember your dreams, to take Vitamin B6 before bed, so I […]

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Life is a Grand Adventure — Bertram’s Blog

Winter Interlude — Bertram’s Blog

Well, today was the day. A warm spell between two cold, dry spells. So guess what I did? I watered my grass. It seems silly to water the lawn in the middle of January, but this isn’t an ordinary January. The average temperature seems to remain about the same, but we go from above normal […]

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Winter Interlude — Bertram’s Blog

Tired of Being Nice — Bertram’s Blog

I’ve been mulling over a rather strange concept recently. The other day, I was helping someone, and I heard myself think, “I’m tired of being nice.” That rather shocked me because I don’t often have stray thoughts hijacking my mind, and besides, being nice is sort of my defining characteristic. I am unfailingly pleasant and […]

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Tired of Being Nice — Bertram’s Blog

Nightly Recap — Bertram’s Blog

During the past year or so, I’ve gotten into the habit of talking to Jeff at night when I am pulling back the bedcovers to get ready for bed. I don’t really tell him anything important; I just say a few words about my day or how I feel about things such as growing older […]

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Nightly Recap — Bertram’s Blog

The Wisdom of the Wildflowers — Bertram’s Blog

We’ve been having wintery weather the past few weeks, mostly just cold and wind, but also a storm that left several inches of snow behind. It’s been gradually warming up, and the past couple of days have been spring-like. In fact, it barely got down to freezing last night and quickly warmed up because of […]

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The Wisdom of the Wildflowers — Bertram’s Blog

Pandemics, Fictional and Otherwise — Bertram’s Blog

I just finished reading a novel about a pandemic written about twenty years before the onset of The Bob. It reminded me of the original prognostication about the death toll when the virus first showed up, and how over 80% of the world’s population was supposed to succumb. With so many people getting sick and […]

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Pandemics, Fictional and Otherwise — Bertram’s Blog

Creative Air — Bertram’s Blog

A few weeks ago, I checked the online catalogue for this library, and found a book on my reading list, so I placed a hold on the novel. Although the book was supposed to be on the shelf, the librarians never set it aside for me, so I checked the shelves myself and didn’t find […]

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Creative Air — Bertram’s Blog

Too Old to Shovel Snow? — Bertram’s Blog

I read an article today in the local paper that said a person should probably stop shoveling snow after they turn 45 years old, and definitely stop after 55. It sounds like an ad for snowblowers, though this was advice from a doctor, not a hardware store. (And anyway, snowblowers create their own risks.) The […]

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Too Old to Shovel Snow? — Bertram’s Blog

Dedusted — Bertram’s Blog

I actually felt like playing house today and had the energy to do it, so I dry mopped then wet mopped the floor and dedusted all hard surfaces. Yes, I know — dedusted is not a word, but it should be. The way the word stands, “dust” as a verb is the opposite of itself. […]

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Dedusted — Bertram’s Blog

Dark and Dreary — Bertram’s Blog

It wasn’t a dark and stormy night, but it was a dark and dreary day, which is almost as bad. I’d planned to clean today, but in the gloom, the dust wasn’t visible, so I put it off. As a friend said, the dust will still be there when I’m ready. I did go for […]

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Dark and Dreary — Bertram’s Blog