Gardening is Like Writing — Bertram’s Blog

I’ve heard it said that there are two kinds of writers, plotters and pantsters. Plotters outline, so before they sit down to write, they know exactly what they are going to say. Pantsters write by the seat of their pants, so when they sit down to write, they never know what they are going to […]

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Gardening is Like Writing — Bertram’s Blog

Peace and Lies — Bertram’s Blog

It turns out I am not the only innocent writer being blackened by lies of being a spammer. A friend, the woman who started the Blog4Peace movement, had her site removed by Blogspot for being spam. She’s fighting it, of course, and I hope she has more luck with Google than I did with Facebook. […]

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Peace and Lies — Bertram’s Blog

Malls Near and Far — Bertram’s Blog

A couple of friends are currently living in Bangkok. She’s Thai by birth, and he’s from various places in the USA, and somehow they ended up here in this town, where I met them. Now that she has end-stage cancer, she wanted to go home where she was most comfortable, so I haven’t seen them […]

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Malls Near and Far — Bertram’s Blog

Carrying a Big Stick — Bertram’s Blog

A city council member told me that they finally got a leash law finalized, with hefty fines laid out for people who let their dogs run loose, and it’s about time. Actually, it’s way past time, considering all the problems with dogs around here. A lot of people turn their dogs loose at night to […]

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Carrying a Big Stick — Bertram’s Blog

Global Catastrophe — Bertram’s Blog

I recently came across another of those ubiquitous articles about what we can do to stop climate catastrophe. Those articles always amuse me because some of their suggestions are the same sort of things Americans were told to do in the depression, in the world wars, in the early days of the population explosion. In […]

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Global Catastrophe — Bertram’s Blog

Grief and Finding “Home” — Bertram’s Blog

Because of my writings on grief, I have met people from all over the world. One woman who contacted me after reading Grief: The Inside Story – A Guide to Surviving the Loss of a Loved One, was from Holland. We became pen pals for a while, and in fact, she was the first to […]

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Grief and Finding “Home” — Bertram’s Blog

My Changing Identity — Bertram’s Blog

Before I bought my house, I rented a room in a house. There were three of us — the owner, another tenant, and me. Sounds so Judge Judyish, doesn’t it? Though truly, my only problem was the owner’s careworker who used up one of my favorite spice mixes. But that was minor. And none of […]

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My Changing Identity — Bertram’s Blog

The Grass is Greener — Bertram’s Blog

Today was one of those special days you cannot plan. Or maybe you can, but I sure didn’t. When I was unexpectedly given the day off, I’d planned to go to the library, run a few errands, then work on clues for the mystery at the museum. I got as far as going to the […]

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The Grass is Greener — Bertram’s Blog

Fishing Peers — Bertram’s Blog

November elections are coming up, and mail-in ballots are being sent out. Locally, the city wants to raise the sales tax to fund recreational activities and improvements throughout town, as laid out in this photo of that part of the ballot: Sounds good, especially the construction of new recreation amenities. Parks. Bike Paths. Bike Parks. […]

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Fishing Peers — Bertram’s Blog

Peace and Plenty For All — Bertram’s Blog

In the book I just finished reading, the trillionaire hero was using his resources to find vaccines for the common cold as well as coronaviruses that exist now and will exist in the future. He’s also trying to revamp the medical establishment so everyone has equal access to care. And, to top it off, he’s […]

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Peace and Plenty For All — Bertram’s Blog