“Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience” by author Yvonne Perry

In her latest book, Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience, author Yvonne Perry shares how she has integrated the accelerated frequencies of several quantum leaps she has taken on her spiritual path. Once she learned to manage the human experience of rapid spiritual transformation, she became active in working to anchor her light body and offering coaching to help others on their journey. You may learn more about Yvonne and her book at http://shiftingintopurerconsciousness.com.

Here is the back cover blurb for this book:

Do you feel like a misfit in your own life and body? Maybe you awoke from a strange dream too vivid not to be real. Have you survived a near-death experience, had an out-of-body occurrence, or dissociative episode? Others may have noticed how you’ve changed and say, “You act like a totally different person.” Inwardly, you may be confused, overly sensitive, or so anxious it feels as though your nervous system has been hooked to an electric power line.

What if a multidimensional form of yourself — from a realm of purer consciousness — would arrive to guide you through the challenging times we are facing? Perhaps your soul has already received a download from an ascended master. Might that explain the sudden changes you’ve experienced?

You may be one of the millions of people who are spiritually growing faster than your body can tolerate. What you are experiencing is a normal response known as ascension symptoms. Regardless of what has happened, you may need help integrating these higher frequencies that are now available to you.

I will be participating in Yvonne’s book launch by hosting her on this blog during her two-week virtual book tour. On the tour, you will find nearly twenty blogs featuring written Q&A interviews, videos, book reviews, radio show interviews, excerpts from the book, and articles like these:

  • How Human Energy Affects the Earth
  • How Yvonne Published Book
  • Signs of Spiritual Awakenings
  • Why Yvonne Wrote the Book
  • How to shed personal and collective structures and belief systems that no longer support the highest good of humanity
  • Why we send love and light to people
  • Embracing divine feminine energy

Yvonne invites you to follow her to discover more about the ascension process or great shift in consciousness that we are experiencing as we enter the Age of Aquarius. Find Yvonne on Twitter: @WeR1NSpirit; Facebook http://www.facebook.com/WeAreOneinSpirit; or on her website: http://weare1inspirit.com.


Here is the tour schedule for Shifting into Purer Consciousness:

On Saturday, June 16, Carolyn Howard-Johnson (@FrugalBookPromo) will host Yvonne with a book review on The New Book Review as well as offering an article titled “Authors Must Learn to Sell What They Write” on Sharing with Writers: http://www.sharingwithwriters.blogspot.com.

On Sunday, June 17, Jacqueline Stone (@JaqStone) will share an article titled, “Sending Light to Others” on her blog, On the Journey.  http://consciousnessjourney.blogspot.com/

On Monday, June 18, Shelly Wilson (@consciousjourny on Twitter) will host the tour stop on her blog, Journey into Consciousness, with an article: “Embracing Divine Feminine Energy.”

On Tuesday, June 19, Pat Bertram will share a Q&A written interview with the author on Dragon My Feet blog: https://dragonmyfeet.wordpress.com

On Wednesday, June 20, Shelly Wilson will host Yvonne as a guest on Journey to Consciousness Radio Show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/journeyintoconsciousness .

On Thursday, June 21,         Barbara Techel (@joyfulpaws) shares a video clip and her book review for Shifting into Purer Consciousness on her blog: http://joyfulpaws.com.

On Friday, June 22, Carol Lawrence (@intuneparenting) hosts the tour on Social Media Help 4 U with an article titled “How Human Energy Affects the Earth.”

On Saturday, June 23, Janet Riehl (@riehlife) shares a video on her blog, Riehl Life.

On Sunday, June 24, Carl Bozeman (@CarlBozeman) opens the blog door at Spiritual Intuition where he shares his book review for Shifting into Purer Consciousness.              

On Monday, June 25, Doreen Pendgracs (Twitter: @wizardofwords) will share an article about how Yvonne published her book. See Wizard of Words: http://doreenisthewizardofwords.blogspot.com

On Tuesday, June 26, Karen Gonzalez (@FolkheartPress) will present “Why Yvonne Wrote the Book” on her blog, http://folkheartpressblog.blogspot.com

On Wednesday, June 27, Denise Demaras (@ddemaras) will share her review of Shifting into Purer Consciousness on her blog, Works in Process: http://blog.denisedemaras.com

On Thursday, June 28, Alpha Chick Mal Duane (@alphachickbook) will share an article titled “Signs Indicating a Spiritual Awakening” on http://alphachick.com/blog

On Friday, June 29, Lisa Molinelli (@bluedragonfly8) shares an article: “How to Shed Personal and Collective Structures and Belief Systems That No Longer Support the Highest Good of Humanity” on her blog, Empowering Minds.

On Saturday, June 30, Dr. Caron Goode (@Iamheartwise) shares a media release and an excerpt from the book on Live-Spirit.                             

On Sunday, July 01, Maxine Thompson (@Safari61751) will post her review of the book on her blog, http://www.maxinethompsonbooks.com. She will also host Yvonne on Dr. Maxine Show.                                                

On Monday, July 02, Irene Conlan (@ieconlan) will host Yvonne Perry on The Self Improvement Blog by presenting a review of Shifting into Purer Consciousness.

On Tuesday, July 03, Lynn Serafinn (Twitter IDs: @LynnSerafinn @SpiritAuthors and @GardenOfTheSoul) will interview Yvonne on Garden of the Soul Radio. She will also share her Q&A written interview.  See http://lynnserafinn.com/ for details.

On Wednesday, July 04, Shelagh Jones (@SpiritusShelagh) runs an article in Spiritus Spiritual Marketing Directory about how Yvonne published her book.

On Thursday, July 05, Callie Carling (@moonpoppy) will share an article: “How to shed personal and collective structures and belief systems that no longer support the highest good of humanity.” Her blog is http://createavity.com/musings.


Also on Thursday, July 05, Shifting into Purer Consciousness Ascension Training Telesummit starts. There will be two speakers each Thursday throughout July sharing important info to make the shift easier. See http://bit.ly/InbSDC for more information.


Excerpt From “I Will Not Give Up…Not Today…Life Is A Journey” by Linda Nance

Linda Nance Talks about her book, I Will Not Give Up…Not Today…Life Is A Journey:

It has been my dream and my desire to be a published author. I believe someday and someway wishes and dreams can come true and I am working and trying with all my heart and soul to do the things I want and need to do. I love to write. I have poetry, short stories, novels, two more books including one that is nonfiction and illustrated a children’s book that I wrote.

I want to be able to reach out to others. I would like to be able to make a difference. I guess you might say it is my voice. I want to say that we are never too old or too young to make dreams come true if we are willing to work hard and believe. Never give up.

To tell you a little about myself, I am a wife, mother, grandmother ( I really like that one) daughter, sister, aunt, neighbor, friend and whatever I have been needed to be. Now I want to be an author for me. I want to be able to reach out and make a difference. I want each and every person who might get one of my books to have something special that reminds them in their own lives to never give up. Whatever their dreams and wishes are, they can come true.

I think that is part of why I designed my own covers. I do understand that there are professionals that have the training and talent to do wonderful cover designs, but I wanted these books to be something I could share from cover to cover. The first one Life Goes On was done from a photo that I took over 20 years ago. I love the intense sunset over the road where the headlights showed of others passing along on their own journey in life. I want people to be able to hold the book and look at it and it be more than just another novel.

The second novel was a challenge. I did not want to use a photo. I had decided I would find a way to use a painting and not just any painting, but one I had painted myself. I did several but could not help coming back to this same one. The cover for Journey Home allows me to not only share a story I hope you love to read, but one of my paintings at the same time.

My next two books also have covers that are my paintings. I hope for the books to be special from beginning to end. It has been a long journey to reach this point as I hold the books in my hands. People often ask me how long it takes to write a novel. That is a difficult question for me to answer. When I started Journey home I had not finished it when I was in a head-on collision. The recovery took a long time and for a while I could not even use my hands. As I was able, I went back to working on the novel a little at a time.

This is only the beginning.

I still paint and write and want to live my life and not just be alive. I want to have a purpose and make a difference. I will keep trying and never give up.

Linda Nance

I Will Not Give Up…Not Today…Life Is A Journey is the title of one of my books. I love to write fiction but this is real. This book is one of the most difficult things I have ever written. I have tried to find words to share not only things from my life but thoughts, feelings and emotions. There are some things that simply had no words to tell but I have tried to tell those things and more. I want this book to be something that might help to make the title real. I hope it helps others to know to never give up. We can do amazing things if we keep heart and keep trying. Life is a journey. There are times that the path is smooth and well traveled and others it seems steep and difficult…but if we do not give up, there is so much more that awaits us.

When I had to decide on a book cover I chose one of my paintings. I painted this in watercolors. I love to paint paths that lead to ….. I hope they will lead to where we need to go in life. I hope there is love, hope, happiness, and wonderful new things that await us at the end.

This is not the wonderful moments showing only the smiling, happy, and inspirational times…I am trying to make it real and share a piece of my heart, life, thoughts, feelings and so much of who and what I am. I wrote this from raw emotion and a desire to share things that had never had words before. The words did come and at times pour onto the page rather than to be crafted and worked into totally correct presentation. What I have written is not a writing piece but a piece of heart and me.

This may be my story, but I hope in sharing it you will find meaning, hope and knowledge that we will not give up…Not today.

Starting April 4. 2012 I will be offering for 3 days this book in ebook form for free. It is my Easter gift and I hope it may help another to find hope and a new beginning.

Excerpt: from I Will Not Give Up…Not Today…Life Is A Journey

The day I have in mind happened long ago but is still in my mind so vividly that there have been times I could see and hear it all over again. WOW…This is not going to be easy to find words.

I think I will try to tell it as a story would be told. The day was so beautiful. The sun was shining and we had the BBQ grill fired up out back. Family was there visiting and the kids were laughing and talking. It was a beautiful day. What could go wrong? Things were even progressing so well with writing the book that I could hardly wait for the times I had to work on it. The family was supportive and encouraging me. They believed in me more than I did.

We needed some things at the store and my daughter offered to drive me. We approached a major highway with 4 lanes of traffic traveling highway speed. When she stepped on the brake the car did not stop. She turned to avoid going into traffic on the highway but it was too late and put us head on with a full size van that had no way to stop.

My daughter hit the steering wheel so hard that her teeth cut completely through her bottom lip. Her entire rib cage was bruised and she would hurt almost everywhere that she could hurt. It shows how lucky we really are how much we should realize that the good Lord does look after us because if you could see and really know what was involved in this crash and what could have been it sends chills through me as I sit here and type. If you want to talk about pain….she had pain that no pill or shot could cure. The emotional pain breaks my heart. She was driving and it was an accident but she felt responsible. She was trapped in the car with me. There are no words to tell what it had to have been like for her. She is a kind and caring person who was hurt, hurting, scared and in shock.

I did not have on a seat belt. The impact was so intense that the car motor was pushed back and pinned my left foot to the floor of the car. As the car flew out of control it must have spun and twisted every way. The first time my head hit the windshield, it broke into millions of little squares of broken glass. There was actually a concave impression bulged out of my face in part of it. You could see by the glass, that I hit really hard at least 3 or 4 times. Each time I hit my face was raked across the broken glass and gashed and shredded. The car motor pinning my foot held me from going out onto the hood or roadway but had a whiplash action and I was the whip.

I hit the dash so hard that it broke the dashboard of the car…with my ribs and chest….I was broken too. My hands were crushed. My forearms were crushed. My hand had been cut so deeply that it appeared almost bisected on the right side and the left was very deep. The foot that had been pinned to the floor of the car of course was very broken. Blood was everywhere. We were trapped inside and bleeding.

I have to stop now at this point. I have said that I was going to try to tell many things and do it as honestly as possible, but right now it is not that I am having problems remembering….I can feel it. I can see it. This part may sound silly or overly emotional but I sit here with tears in my eyes.

I want to take a moment to describe some other things. When there is an accident such as this one especially on the highway I have heard many times about all of the onlookers. I have even heard of how there will often be so many people there and no one lifting a finger to help or they just drive on by.

That was not the case. From all that I have heard there were many who stopped but people were anxious to help anyway that they could. There are some times there is nothing that you can do but this was amazing. When you say that people would give you the shirt off of their backs that was more than a phrase.

I was trapped in the car and two women who were dressed and on their way to work crawled inside of the car with me. They worked to protect my neck and keep an airway open. They worked to try to keep me alert and help me to live. There was so much blood. Most of my face had been shredded beyond the appearance of any human. From the center of the forehead was a gash that went to the skull. My right cheek was deeply cut through. Nose, eyes, and almost every surface of the face was cut, sliced, gashed and gouged. My hands were deeply cut and gushing.

They desperately tried to slow the bleeding as I faded in and out, trapped in what could have been thought of as a twisted metal coffin. One of the bystanders actually stripped of the very shirt that he was wearing when he dressed to go where ever it was he was traveling and gave it to them to use.

I can not imagine all of the emotions, fears and thoughts my daughter suffered as she was also trapped with me seeing such a sight and knowing it had been her mother only moments before. What was left of me was no longer recognizable…..

The two women, that to this day I do not know or have ever met….stayed with me, worked with me, helped me and did all that they could do to help me live. I wish I could meet them. I wish I did know who they were. They did so much more than they will ever know in their care, actions, and concerns. All of the people who cared and tried to help did help just by their attitudes as well as their actions. They cared and they tried.

One man offered his cell phone to my daughter when they got her out of the car so that she could call anyone she needed to call. 911 had already been called. She was covered in blood that would get on his phone but he did not hesitate. She called my husband…her dad with news he was not prepared for. We were not at the store asking what else he might need for the cook out. We were in a nightmare.

Trapped in a car after a head-on collision is not a memory one wants to relive and in part there is no memory. I faded in and out even with the best efforts of those helping me. I do not know how they got me out and have not asked.

I remember the paramedic asking me if I was on drugs. I thought that was silly…I do not take drugs. You also are not thinking clearly. He seemed emphatic and asked several times if I was sure I was not on any drugs.

I could no longer see but I could hear. It sounded as if he was talking on a telephone and I heard him say “dad.” I was so confused. I thought I was dieing and he is making a phone call…until more words penetrated the haze that threatened to consume me. “I think she’s going to be a bleed out. I’m doing everything that I can but she has a real problem and will need the best that she can get if I can only get her in. Would you take her if I can get her there? I’ll meet you there.”

I was still confused. Why would his father meet him there and why would he want to take me to his father? BLEED OUT! I had worked in an ER years ago and knew what that term meant. It was bad and they were talking about me and then I remembered…

I have had problems with my back and arthritis for most of my life. I live with the pain but take BC’s, which is powdered aspirin. Later in life I developed a heart problem and they wanted to put me on blood thinners. Some in our family have had some severe side affects so I chose to continue with the aspirin since it was a somewhat high dosage everyday for years. I was able to manage to say BC’s.

I remember only brief sensations of the trip to the hospital. I could hear the siren wale and feel the sensation of speed in our travels and then it all faded away. There was nothing.


Far away I could hear voices again. There were many voices. Tones and sounds of urgency but I could not focus to listen to what they said. They were still so far away. It was so hard to hold on to even be that close but then I heard another voice. I knew that voice. I had to come back from my far away place to reach that voice.

My husband’s name is Albert. He was talking to me. He did not yell or shout to me. He spoke with more than his voice. He spoke from his heart and I could feel his words and hear him. He told me what I wanted to hear. He knew what my question would be. My daughter was doing fine. She was going to be all right. She may think that she is grown but she will always be my little girl. I wished I could hold her, comfort her and let her know momma says it will be ok.

He continued to speak to me. He was there and would not leave me. He would run back and forth between my daughter and I but would not leave me. I had to hold on. The doctor was working on me and sewing me up and they needed me. He said that he loved me. He told me that the children loved me.

I was hanging on. I was trying. I could see a glimpse through all that was left of my face and the doctor was sewing me back together. Oh what a nightmare. How could it all be true? It was true. I had to hold on. Then they all faded away.

The paramedic that worked to save my life, took me to the hospital where his father waited. His father was and is such a talented and good hearted doctor. My life was in his hands and the good Lord above.

I could hear Albert’s voice. There were undoubtedly others talking but I could only hear Albert as he comforted, reassured me and explained what was going on. Then I heard a loud voice filled with its own authority demanding that Albert leave.

Before anyone could answer the doctor replied curtly “He’s not going anywhere and you need to leave…and leave now.”

The police officer said that he had authority and he decided Albert needed to leave the room.

“I am the authority in this room and the only authority. He will not be going anywhere. He is her only link right now and if he leaves we could loose her. Her death would be on your hands and I would see to it you get the credit. Now, get out!” The doctor was in control.

The voices were gone again. I could hear Albert now and then, but was at peace and far away from all of the trauma.


I do not know how long they worked sewing and doing all that they could to save me. I could hear bits and pieces, here and there. I must have been in a room but still could not see. I heard Albert explaining to someone that it would be hour by hour. It could be several days before they knew if I would make it. I drifted away for a while. How long??? I do not know.

I could hear Albert again and he was telling me that he loved me and I could do it. He explained that he understood how hard it was, but they needed me. They needed me. The words echoed in my mind. The kids were grown. He said they needed me and loved me. You can hear songs sing about love can carry you through or make the world go round or a dozen other things…but they loved me? They needed me? I could do it? And then it was all gone again.

Time is a relevant thing. It is relevant to the one experiencing it at the time. That may sound strange, but for me time would stop and start. I was not having dreams or even felt a sound sleep. There was nothing. There was not even the void of nothing. Time stopped and then resumed again. I came and went.

I do not know how much time passed but I was able to be there more. I was able to hear more and then see some. My glasses were broken and I can never see much other than light and dark and blurs of color without them. I complained I needed to see. What had happened to my face?

My hands were damaged and sewn back but I found shredded tissue and glass shards with every touch of my face. Pieces of my face were like ground beef. My family became concerned as I frantically pulled bits of glass and other things from my head and face. The nurses assured them if I did not seem overly upset to let me work things out in my own way and that it would hurt nothing to remove as much as possible. They mentioned it would be years if ever before all of the glass was out. They were right. I still have bits and pieces work their way up.

Albert brought me glasses so I would not feel so helpless and blind. The room was always so dim. I asked for them to open the curtains but he said they were supposed to leave them closed. Little by little I began to notice things. There was no mirror in my bedside table. There was no mirror over the sink, but there were holes where there had been one. There was nothing in the whole room that would reflect an image.

I did not realize that they were protecting me and allowing me time to gain in strength to survive and endure not only the broken bones, cuts, and pain but the loss of something very personal…my face as I had known it.

They were allowing visitors but they were approved and cautioned before they came into the room not to discuss my face or show a reaction to my appearance. I had not seen my face but in my heart feared I no longer would even appear human. I had a small pile of pieces of pink shredded flesh in with the broken glass.

I would like to find words to explain what I felt at that time but there is such an intensity and confusion mixed with fear, and pain, and morphine there are no words. I kept hearing things though. I heard they loved me and needed me and that they believed in me and I could do it. I was going to be fine.


Linda welcomes you to stop by her blog and share the many things she had written as this journey has progressed http://bit.ly/H0Q0u6 Easter Is Almost Here A Gift To Share

I Will Not Give Up…Not Today…Life Is A Journey

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Linda Nance Fan Page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Linda-Nance-Fan-Page/162224753802546?ref=ts

Book Review for A View of the Lake by Beryl Singleton Bissell

Review by Aaron Paul Lazar

Title: A View of The Lake
Author: Beryl Singleton Bissell

Publisher: Lake Superior Port Cities
ISBN-10: 0942235746
ISBN-13: 978-0942235746

Price: $16.95

Author’s website: http://www.berylsingletonbissell.com/blog.htm

A View of the Lake
by Beryl Singleton Bissell
Book review by Aaron Paul Lazar

A View of the Lake, by Beryl Singleton Bissell, is a vibrant collection of reflective essays centered on the North Shore of Lake Superior, Minnesota. Each slice-of-life chapter transports the reader into Ms. Bissell’s life in this majestic country, as well as connecting us to her gentle spirit.

Sometimes thoughtful, often humorous, and ever delightful, the work spans topics dealing with the life of “newcomers” in the town of Schroeder to an intimate and stirring connection with the great outdoors. From encounters with bear, moose, deer, and rare bird species, to a private viewing of the Northern Lights, to poignant experiences with neighbors, this assortment of day-in-the-life type stories will charm the most jaded reader.

Take, for example, this excerpt from “Historical Society”, when the author joined the Schroeder group to help document stories of the residents. Oftentimes the locals lamented not having recorded stories from their parents and grandparents, and expressed a sadness over this loss.

“There were times when, as I sat taping others’ memories, I experienced this loss personally. My mother died before I was wise enough to ask questions. I now hold only fragments of her life, each piece bristling with questions, each piece weighted with the unknown.

We are born. We die. We do what others do. Some of the elders wondered why I wanted to know about their lives when they’d been so uneventful. In the telling, they came to a fresh appreciation of themselves and the community in which they’d lived for such a long time. Like a musical score played over and over again, the sound, timing, and interpretation are never quite the same.”

Who among us hasn’t experienced such thoughts? Universal themes such as this loss of family history, this common plight among man, resonate throughout the book. I often find myself up against the same dilemma. Even now, fourteen years after the death of my father and last remaining grandmother, a question about our heritage pops into my mind, and I reach to pick up the phone to call one of them, before realizing once again, it’s too late. Ms. Bissell’s themes resonate with this reader on a rare and special frequency.

But Beryl Singleton Bissell’s book is not all sadness and longing. No, on the contrary, it is filled with the spirit of adventure, love for fellow man, a passion for and connection with each and every tiny aspect of nature, and most of all, the embracing of life. Ms. Bissell frequently shares philosophical gems, such as this excerpt from the chapter named “Shrike Attack”.

“Winter focuses a harsher light on North Shore living, reminding me that nature, while beautiful, caters to no one and no thing; beauty is not always benevolent.”

Each of the chapters is enjoyable, and although filled with literary gold, the book remains entirely readable, broken into small chapters that can be enjoyed in a sitting or in a full-fledged marathon as I did while flying overseas to Germany last week. I longed to join this author at her side as she bent over emerging flowers in the spring, slogged through snowy trails, or watched the wonders of the sky, as in this segment from “Northern Lights.”

“…I bounded into the bedroom to wake Bill. Together we rushed out into the subzero temperatures dressed only in our pajamas and robes. Together we stood on the deck and entered ground zero of an incredible light show that shuddered around us like fireworks behind gauzy veils. It rippled and spun and folded; it expanded and dissolved; it burst and flared. I felt a searing joy.”

Although her readers may never physically see the Northern Lights, in their minds they’ll never forget this dazzling show.

Ms. Bissell has been through some incredibly tough times in life (see her first book, The Scent of God), but it’s her faith in God, her indomitable spirit, and her ability to enjoy the little things in life that carry her through, in addition to her devotion to her wonderful husband, Bill. But I believe it’s her ability to commit all of this to the written page that may have helped her purge her spirit of those sufferings best of all, and which will continue to inspire us all. The process is sublime, for writer and reader, and I for one thank her for taking the time to share these gem-like stories with the rest of the world.

I’d like to finish with one last quote from A View of the Lake, taken from the chapter entitled “A Night of Shooting Stars.” In this essay, the author has just witnessed the Leonid meteor showers.

“Small, vulnerable, and intensely alive at that moment, I gave thanks for the incredible universe that sustains and enlivens all creatures. I was no longer sipping from the cup of life, I’d become one with it.”

Very highly recommended by Aaron Paul Lazar.  Buy it here.


Aaron Paul Lazar writes to soothe his soul. An award-winning, bestselling Kindle author of three addictive mystery series, Aaron enjoys the Genesee Valley countryside in upstate New York, where his characters embrace life, play with their dogs and grandkids, grow sumptuous gardens, and chase bad guys. Visit his website at http://www.lazarbooks.com and watch for his upcoming Twilight Times Books releases, FOR KEEPS (MAY 2012), DON’T LET THE WIND CATCH YOU (APRIL 2012), and the author’s preferred edition of UPSTAGED (JUNE 2012).

Excerpt From “Confessions Of A Crazy Fox” by Anna Mullins

Anna Mullins, a guest author on this blog today, writes:

Confessions Of A Crazy Fox is my memoir that spans most of the 20th century. It is an unusual Texas based story that has almost all the quirks usually associated with our great state, drama, scandal, greed, oil, religion, and humor. This is an brief excerpt that involves stories my mother used to tell. She took the job with Howard Hughes’ aunt in Houston Texas in 1930 to help save the family cotton farm at the beginning of the Great Depression.


“Mother went to Houston in 1930 and lived one of her favorite adventures working four years as a nanny for Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Rice Lummis; they had three children. Annette Lummis was Howard Hughes’ Aunt; she was his mother’s younger sister. Mother loved to tell stories about how the “rich” lived and Howard. They had an interesting relationship and mother probably told me more about it than she did anyone. That is because I quizzed her about it.

Mother, barely seventeen, found herself living in a strange and enchanting new world of opulence she never knew existed until she became a part of it. She always spoke in awe and appreciation of those years; they affected mom the rest of her life in a positive way.

Mother told me these “Depression era” stories over many years and I’ll relate what I remember. There are gobs of stories of Howard Hughes in print and a few I’ve read document what mother told me, but some of the things I’ve never heard from any other source. Mother saw Howard Hughes on a number of occasions when he came to Houston and stayed or visited with his Aunt. Mother said he was still close to her at the time because she moved into his family home and helped take care of him after his parents both died by the time he was 17. He was in his latter twenties at the time mamma met him and she said it was apparent he was already a strange dude, but she evidently liked his attention.

Mom said Howard mystified her as he did a lot of people, including his relatives. She said he was good-looking, very tall, and always friendly to her and the housekeeping staff. Howard’s cook traveled with him and he usually ate in the kitchen with the servant’s, right out of the pots the cook prepared his food in. Mom said Howard especially loved crème peas and seemed more at ease with the housekeeping staff than he did with his relatives. She felt that interaction was always too formal and polite. Mother realized later the reason Howard would eat out of the cook pots with the stirring spoon—he probably didn’t trust his aunt’s or anyone else’s dishes and silver was germ free.”


Mother and Mrs. Lummis remained friends for over 40 years. I last saw saw her in Hermann Hospital in Houston in 1972. Dad had to have a hip transplant and Annette Lummis came to visit, she was in her 80′s by then.

Confessions Of A Crazy Fox is available at:  http://www.amazon.com/Confessions-Crazy-Maria-Kolojaco-Mullins/dp/0984639284/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1317649928&sr=1-1#

Excerpt From “When Jonathan Cried For Me” by Carter Lee

“When Jonathan Cried For Me” is a tremendous story of struggle and redemption. After a childhood filled with sexual abuse at the hands of a pedophile, violence, and intimidation, Carter Lee was being destined to become a monster. Against all odds, he took control of his destiny and turned his life around. The foundation of this metamorphosis was the attainment of True Inner Peace, through the cultivation of True Self-Esteem and Total Self-Confidence. This book provides a road map for others to attain happiness in their lives and to reach a true inner and lasting transformation.

Carter is blatantly honest about his inner demons and wears his heart on his sleeve. More than just a motivational, inspiring, educating, or an entertaining read, this book transcends any one genre by coalescing strengths of each form into a powerful teaching tool. he is witty, unconventional, and has a knack for describing highly technical mental processes in layman’s terms. Sometimes controversially, but always with honesty, Carter delivers what so many of us need; a real way to facilitate internal change.


And you may ask yourself
Well…How did I get here?
And you may ask yourself
How do I work this?
And you may ask yourself
Where is that large automobile?
And you may tell yourself
This is not my beautiful house
And you may tell yourself
This is not my beautiful wife
— Talking Heads, “Once in a Lifetime”

It was four years ago, 5:00 on a Friday evening, when I was sitting next to the rest of the cattle who were getting ready to escape monotony for two days. They would talk about the picnics they would go on, or a couples’ dinner, or the game. As for myself, I was trying just to breathe. It was that time again, the same time I faced every day of the week, the lonely inevitable. I packed up my stuff in my briefcase, said my goodbyes, and headed off to fight traffic in my disheveled Jeep Cherokee to only face the unavoidable.

I spent most of my commute home trying not to rear-end people as I flipped through radio stations, occasionally glancing at the road in front of me with almost an indifference of crashing into someone, frantically trying to listen to anything that wasn’t related to love or life. Channel surfing and trying not to kill people on the highway was a sufficient distraction for the time being. For the moment I was safe, at least for the commute home, unlike those sharing the road with me. Exiting Houston’s Highway 10, I headed to my suburban neighborhood, filled with cookie cutter houses. As I approached my house I tried not to get my hopes up, desperately attempting to avoid the disappointment I could feel mounting. This was impossible though, and my heart sank as I saw that once again I was pulling up to an empty driveway.

Neighbors were outside trying not to stare and would still wave to be polite. I felt like someone with an awkward handicap. I left all of my shit in the car. I walked up to the house, opened the door, walked in, closed the door, and before I could even say hello to the dogs, I collapsed. It wasn’t because I felt sorry for myself. It wasn’t because I wanted sympathy, because I doubt my dogs were impressed by my display; they would have been much more impressed had I opened the back door for them so that they could do their business. It was for the reason that I had to collapse. I collapsed because my wife Katelyn had left me just a week before, taking my stepson Christian with her. The reality was setting in.

Initially my relationship with Katelyn started out great. It was practically love at first sight. The first two years were very fulfilling for both of us and you could just feel the love pour out of us. Our energies were intertwined and we were both dedicated to Christian. However, there were issues with communication, and I wasn’t truly healthy. Our relationship began to suffer. The kinks in the armor of our relationship grew into gashes, as small problems became big problems. But in the end, we were two very different people, and we eventually grew apart through the last two years of our marriage.

I was once a man who ignited a room with excitement when I walked in. I was once a man who was motivated. I was once a man who was a professional wrestler and a dream chaser. I was once a man in a beautiful house, with a beautiful child, with a beautiful wife, with a beautiful dog (insert Talking Heads song here). I was once that man. Now I was just a three hundred pound fat-ass, lying in the foyer of my house, crying and drooling like a pathetic fool. Now I was just the angry man I had become in my marriage, with no inner peace, no self-confidence, and no hope. I was just three hundred pounds of excess fat, anger, and a shitty self-esteem to boot.

The dogs looked at me like, “Open the goddamn door already.” But I couldn’t. I could only lie there. I knew that the more I walked into my house, the more it would hurt. I didn’t know how I would conjure up the strength to stand, so I lay there, in the foyer, sobbing myself to sleep, as I smelled the stench of old food in the sink.

As I woke up in my new cozy tiled bed, I realized that a new scent had joined that of the rotten food…dog feces…next to my face, in fact. Fair enough, little ones, and very apropos. Waking up was always very difficult during this time, very similar to when I had lost loved ones in the past and the death was still new. The first few seconds when I awoke were fine, but then I would remember, and a chill would cover my whole body, followed by a seemingly endless flow of tears. After reflecting on how I used to wake up next to someone I loved in a bed, rather than the floor, I finally stood up and realized I had been asleep for six hours. I was disappointed that my only means of escape didn’t last longer, and that I had to wake up at all. I then finally let the dogs out. My new nightly routine of chain-smoking and living in my head would then ensue. What a hoot! This time it was different however, as I found I was running out of reasons to keep on living.

Night after night I tried to think of reasons to stay alive, but I was out of hope. I was done. I didn’t know who I was anymore, and all I knew of what I had become disgusted me. I had been through enough trials and tribulations in life, enough valleys, that I wasn’t about to face this one too. If this was life, what was the point of living? What was the point of getting the courage to face life since everything I loved was taken from me? What was the point? I had achieved so much, only to lose it all or push it away. My marriage was collapsing. My job was following a similar path. I didn’t like anything I did. Everything was fucked! I thought there was more to life than this, but if life were to continue along this hopeless path, I was tapping out.

I was at the end of my rope.

I went into my bedroom and got out my shotgun. I cradled it for over an hour, staring off into memories on the edge of the bed where passionate love could once be heard, in a house where once love could be felt, but now I was by myself with gun in hand. I remembered laughter filling the hallways of the house, the smell of lilacs, my stepson’s birthday parties, family dinners, and the sound of toys being played with, all creating a beautiful symphony of noise, love, and life. Now there was just heavy silence around me, and the noise of painful memories that no longer brought joy to me.
Sitting on the bed, I looked down at the gun, and then looked up at the picture of my family, and I put the cold steel barrel in my mouth. My finger was just on the edge of the trigger. As I gripped the barrel with my teeth I thought that my last sensation in life would be the taste of metal and gun oil. It had actually come to this, Jesus. I had been through so much pain. I had caused so much pain. The happy ending I fantasized about as a child never materialized.

Forgiveness, healthiness, true love; it was all bullshit. As I had the barrel in my mouth I saw the picture of Christian. I couldn’t do it while looking at him. At that point I didn’t think I would be able to be in his life anymore, or I wouldn’t even have gone this far. I spat the barrel out of my mouth and turned his picture around. I wasn’t crying or frantic; I was ready.

I sat back down and assumed the position. This time, however, something else happened. Maybe it was because of seeing a picture of Christian. Maybe my subconscious was reaching out to me, but a thought ran across my mind. It was me, as a miserable shocked child, and a promise I had made to a childhood friend that I would have a better life. This is what I allowed myself to become? So far gone from hope that I would do this to my friends and family? I then moved from sadness to anger.

This was the gift I had given myself, that traumatized child who wanted a better life? I had been a man filled with dreams and aspirations. I had suffered so much and my solution to this suffering was now suicide, not becoming better or changing the things around me, or myself. I threw the gun to the ground and I screamed, “Fuck!” over and over again, as tears streamed. I screamed and screamed. I felt so hopeless, but I made the most important decision of my life by not pulling that trigger and having the resolve to fight and live. How, though?

If I were going to continue on, it couldn’t be the way I had been living. I couldn’t keep going through life filled with anger, hopelessness, sorrow, and doubt, feeling unattractive and unlovable. I couldn’t expect other people to fulfill what was empty inside of me. If I was going to persevere, I decided that I had to live life on my terms. I was going to need a whole new mindset.

I had always had a deep connection to Jesus, or so I thought. I was a Born Again Christian plugged into the church, and truly had faith in Christ as my Lord and Savior. I had even done overseas and domestic missionary work. I was not one of those annoying missionaries who tried to convert everyone by cramming their faith down others’ throats, but everyone who knew me was aware of my convictions.

During our wedding, Katelyn and I even made sure the message of Jesus was put in the center of our ceremony. I had tried religion my whole life, so for once I was going to try something different. My faith in Christianity was changing, and I knew that wasn’t the answer, but what was?

It was only a minute or so after throwing the gun down that I saw a book my dad had sent me earlier in the week, Man’s Search for Meaning, by Dr. Viktor Frankl. Dad had originally read the book in college. He told me that it was a great inspiration to him and his mindset, which I greatly admired and envied. So I picked up the book, took the dogs back outside, and I began to read.

Dr. Frankl was a psychotherapist and survivor of Auschwitz and other concentration camps in World War II. Through his experience in those camps he founded Logotherapy. Dr. Gordon Allport, one of the founding figures of personality psychology, called Frankl’s philosophy the “Third Viennese School of Psychotherapy.” Where Adler focused on the will to power, and Freud focused on the will to pleasure, Frankl focused on the will to meaning.

After the first few chapters, the book had already grabbed me, and I couldn’t put it down. Here I was, reading about this man who lost his family, his home, his clothes, and who endured torture, yet still found meaning in his life and the will to continue on WITH HOPE and JOY. This gave me a great deal of comfort. I want to make it clear that my comfort came from the mindset Frankl was revealing, not because he went through something worse than I had. In fact, one of my main concerns when I share my story is that the reader or audience will think I am trying to make them feel better by pointing out that I perhaps have been through tribulations worse than theirs.

People often try to “comfort” others by just pointing out how it could be worse. Imagine the following situation.
“I have a throbbing headache,” said George the Painful.
“Well if it makes you feel any better, I get migraines daily,” said Randy the Idiot.
“Yes, your migraine issue all of a sudden just took my headache away,” said George the Painful.

This method of “comfort” doesn’t make any sense, yet people do this to others all the time. And what’s worse is that this logic is all too common in the motivational/self-improvement world. Often you hear speakers and authors share horrific stories to comfort others. It’s a way of saying, “It could always be worse,” but that doesn’t take care of our pain now, does it? They share their stories yet don’t really reveal any transformational methods for someone who is suffering. Because of this, I’m very careful to only share stories that reveal meaning to what I’m trying to teach. It’s pertinent to understand the transformation I went through because of my experiences.

Pain comes from many sources, but the cause is less relevant than getting to its foundation. Pain itself is the problem.

Dr. Frankl’s book was a quick read and I didn’t put it down until I was done with it a few hours later. I learned so many things through the book, but one quote really stuck in my head: “Everything can be taken from a man or woman except for one thing: the last of human freedoms to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” I was at a fork in the road— would I turn left or right? I decided to choose my own way; I went straight ahead.


Carter Lee is the President of Innovative Social Dynamics, a professional speaker, columnist of In That Moment of Space for the Washington Times Communities, and author of When Jonathan Cried For Me. Formerly an actor, stand-up comedian, and involved in the sports-entertainment industry, Carter was a licensed professional wrestler, promoter, and booker. During this time, Carter struggled a great deal internally.

He was diagnosed with chronic depression, PTSD, due to childhood sexual abuse from the hands of a pedophile, and struggled with his weight and anger. He decided he was going to stop living under the oppression of his negative thoughts and emotions, and began a journey to transformation. Through this journey Carter found his road map to freedom, and no longer suffers from PTSD, depression, anger, or his weight; and he’s on no medications. He now dedicates his time to helping others achieve a true-transformation similar to his own.

Preferred link to purchase the book: http://www.whenjonathancriedforme.com
Link to video trailer for the book: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blur80-eGHE
The Washington Times book review: http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/entertainment-news-and-reviews/2011/dec/14/when-jonathan-cried-me-recovering-child-sexual-abu/

Stories From An Empath by Yvonne Perry

I am participating in a blog tour for Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You. The book, written by Yvonne Perry, tells you how to clear your energy field and offers empowering, proactive techniques to manage your own energy.  See http://whosestuffisthis.com/ for details.  

On March 15, Yvonne will visit Lisa Haselton’s Reviews and Interviews.  Today, she is my guest blogger, contributing an excerpt that includes mini stories from empaths she interviewed when researching for her book.

Stories from an Empath

By Yvonne Perry

Emotions such as fear, anger, and frustration are energies. Like a virus, you can potentially “catch” them from people without realizing it. Empathic people can be psychic sponges that absorb energy everywhere they go. In my twenties and thirties, I was so energy sensitive that if I heard an ambulance siren, I would feel instant panic. If I came upon an accident scene or a homeless person, I cried. If I saw an open wound, I would feel something like an electric shock all over my body. In traffic, I felt the anger and frustration of my fellow drivers so keenly that my throat would close up and I could not swallow. When I was in my prayer closet, I would cry, groan, shake, and travail on behalf of others. These and similar scenarios were so common for me that I thought everyone felt this way. I had no idea that I was an empath. I had never heard of such a thing.

But I quickly learned that I am not alone in my empathic abilities, which can be both a gift and a curse. In chapter 2 of my new book, Whose Stuff Is This?, I share stories from the empaths I interviewed as part of my research. There is a wide variety of situations in which folks have found themselves as a result of this intuitive gift. Some of these people have just realized they are empaths; others are veteran empaths who are using this intuitive gift as part of their healing practice.

One person I interviewed said that it has both saved his life and broken his heart. “I thought I was an agoraphobic for the longest because when I was around a lot of people I felt overwhelmed,” said Jonathan. “I thought it was anxiety, but then I began to be able to tell when someone was lying to me. It can hurt to know someone you love is lying to your face.”

One person I heard from said she if she drove past a serious car accident, she would feel all the emotions of the people involved, including the confusion of the person who had just died at the scene. If there was someone in the car with her, she felt embarrassed about crying and having to explain why she was crying.

Samantha says being an empath is generally draining. “You may feel dread or have to prepare yourself to be around people. It makes it impossible to get down to what you truly feel instead of what others are projecting to you,” says Samantha. “There are a few people who are very good at disguise. Their energy may feel positive at first, but they can’t keep up the wall very long.”

Julie Isaac says she has always known that she picked up people’s emotional energy, but she didn’t know she was picking up their aches and pains, as well.

“For years I thought I was a hypochondriac until one Thursday night when I knew with every fiber of my being that I was going to have a heart attack. Going to have! There was no pain, so there was no reason to go to the hospital to tell them that I would soon be having a heart attack. I decided to watch TV and relax until I felt something that would tell me it’s time to go to the hospital. Then, in an instant, the feeling/knowing lifted. It was so bizarre. The next day, Friday, I went to work and my boss was out sick. On Monday, they told us that she had had a heart attack on Thursday night. That’s when I realized I wasn’t a hypochondriac; I was picking up on other people’s physical energy.”

Fortunately, the gift of empathy can be developed and used to help others without causing harm to yourself. Hillary Raimo is the founder and author of the signature UNtraining™ series. As an empath she feels energy and can tune in to the emotional energy of another person, animal, or event in order to read it. She says the gift can often be dismissed by others or mistaken for psychological issues. Hillary pursued psychology in college so she could better understand herself, but when she began to explore shamanistic and psychic studies, it clicked that she had been empathic all her life. She now uses this gift in her work as an intuitive healer.

Since so many empaths are natural healers, I decided to touch briefly on this topic in Chapter 11 of my book in case some readers want to go a step farther and seek training as a natural healer or psychic practitioner. Learn more about Whose Stuff Is This? at http://WhoseStuffIsThis.com .


Living life to the fullest in Nashville, Tennessee, Yvonne Perry (also known in spiritual circles by the name, LavendarRose) is an author and keynote speaker who enjoys helping people discover a spiritual path of love and joy that comes from the knowledge that we are all one with our Creator.

A graduate of American Institute of Holistic Theology, Yvonne holds a Bachelor of Science in Metaphysics. She has written hundreds of articles on spirituality, death, afterlife, spirit communication, and suicide. She is the host of We Are One in Spirit Podcast, a talk show that offers people a chance to share spiritual insight and join cross-cultural hands. She is a polished, speaker available to share her knowledgeable on a wide variety of spiritual topics such as walk-in/soul exchange, psychic gifts, empathy, ascension rituals, ghosts, afterlife, and near-death or other spiritually-transforming experiences.

See also: More Than Meets the Eye, True Stories About Death, Dying, and Afterlife by Yvonne Perry


 Come along on the tour with Yvonne. March 17’s blog stop will be at Bullying is Abuse Peer Abuse.  See the entire tour schedule at http://tinyurl.com/EmpathTour.

Beyond Diapers: How Not to Wallow in Your Own Poop by Carmen Allgood

My guest blogger today is Carmen Allgood the author of Beyond Diapers: How Not to Wallow in Your Own Poop. Based on a lifelong study of the energy of Love, this modern day exploration of our spiritual evolution delivers a timely twist of pop psychology for those who are starved for peace of mind and true happiness. The metaphorical focus and surefire solution to healing ourselves and the world is revealed in a cut-to-the-chase simplicity designed to make you  laugh your way from forgiveness to love.

Carmen writes:

You wouldn’t believe all the offers I get from companies that sell baby products – with a book title like BEYOND DIAPERS, who would guess! The other side of the coin is that these companies aren’t sure if I’m into baby diapers or have traversed to the other side and need ‘adult diapers!’ Lol.. If truth be told – I’m in a middle phase and don’t have to rely on either product – yet.

DIAPERS is really just a metaphor for an unhappy state of mind. It’s all relative and all of us have been there, done that.

There’s not a person in the world who wouldn’t love genuine peace of mind and lasting happiness, which are actually inherent in who and what we are. We don’t have to strive for peace or happiness. The underlying dilemma is that most of us struggle with feelings of unworthiness, and spend an inordinate amount of time trying to get something into our lives which is already there. Namely, love.

My little book is subtitled The Beginner’s Guide To Inner Peace. BEYOND DIAPERS reveals authentic, simple baby steps that anyone can take, or practice, to ‘deliver’ themselves from the temptation to believe love and peace are in a future state. If this was true – then peace would forever be impossible. Therefore, says reason, peace and happiness are not only possible, but they must be with you NOW.

So, take a little trip with me as we journey to the center of your mind and learn to go beyond diapers to the place where peace resides. Stay tuned! Love is the Answer.

Excerpt – CHAPTER 8 The changing face of diapers

Science and religion agree on one thing, that everything is one thing; that the truth about us is the same. And this is true simply because everything came from One Source. The big bang? Or, when God made Love? The sole difference between science/religion and Love is that science and religion are man-made, and Love is not. 


Carmen Allgood is a Loveologist and Radio Host and Producer. She has devoted her life to the study of love as energy, relationships, and what it takes to be happy and at peace. Carmen also works with various non-profit agencies as a fund-raiser and event coordinator.

More Than Meets the Eye, True Stories About Death, Dying, and Afterlife by Yvonne Perry

An excerpt from More Than Meets the Eye, True Stories About Death, Dying, and Afterlife by Yvonne Perry

Chapter One: Fear of the Unknown

Screaming, moaning, groaning, and sorrowful sobs could be heard from the medical intensive care unit of Vanderbilt University Medical Center all the way down the corridor on the seventh floor. The ventilator had just been turned off for a young woman who was dying of AIDS. The woman never took a breath once the support was removed. She passed immediately and without a struggle. However, the family completely fell apart emotionally and were not prepared to accept the passing of their loved one with any amount of understanding or peace. In contrast, Terry Emge shares her story:

Upon arrival, I found Mother in her chair. Her respirations were agonal, her pupils were fixed and dilated and she had a strong steady pulse. I asked my grandmother, who was ninety-one, what had happened and she said, “Virginia grabbed the back of her head and said, ‘Get Terry.’ Those were the last words she spoke.

Despite my efforts at resuscitation and my medical background (I am an RN, CRNFA for a busy cardiac surgical practice), I knew in my heart that she had come to the end of her life on earth.

A definitive diagnosis was made by CT scan. She had suffered a massive hemorrhagic stroke. Our options were to temporarily monitor her in ICU on a ventilator or make a decision to withdraw life support. Her chances of survival were minimal at best.

After a discussion with her physicians and caregivers, it was decided to withdraw life support. During all of this, my mother’s condition remained unchanged—fixed, dilated pupils, strong pulse, and normal blood pressure. Her ventilator was disconnected and her pulse and blood pressure remained stable.

The hospital chaplain student that was with me, my husband and best friend, Diane said to me, “Sometimes you have to tell them it’s okay to go.” As I was holding my mother’s hand, I kissed her, told her that I loved her and that I would take care of Mom-Mom and for her to go to the Light. Within five minutes, her pulse and blood pressure slowed and her spirit went to be with God.

My mother had had a near-death experience earlier in her life. When my brother was born in 1952, she had a post-partum hemorrhage. She relayed to me that she had walked through a misty grey valley and was aware of relatives that had died when she was a child. She was drawn to the Light, the brightest and most pure she had ever seen and she had a sense of “utter peace”. Her only thought was of how beautiful it was there and how she longed to remain, but she knew she had two small children to care for. Suddenly a voice like thunder said, “Ye shall live.” She awoke in her hospital bed and began to realize what she had experienced. From that moment in her life she was not afraid to die.

As I stood beside her stretcher in the ER, knowing there was no chance for her survival, but not yet wanting her to leave me or those who loved her here on earth, I felt a sense of peace. Mother was not afraid to die—she had reassured me of that “beautiful, wondrous place” and I knew she was finally in heaven.

Some families are able to let go and even assist their loved one in transitioning. Why do some families or cultures process death so differently than others? Perhaps the fear of the unknown is what makes death so intimidating. If only we knew what was on the Other Side. Is there an afterlife or not? Do our deceased loved ones live in another dimension or reality? Are they near us? Can they see or hear us? Knowing for sure what lies ahead might make a difference in how we handle death.

Much of what we believe about death and dying is taught to us by religious doctrine. Our main attitudes about death and afterlife are deeply connected with our religious beliefs which may either confuse or comfort us. For example, if someone believes in a legalistic or angry God that punishes for sin, then death for that person may be frightening. If someone believes that we all go to a better place after death, regardless of our earthly behavior, that person may not have as many concerns about dying.

There is a huge difference between Eastern and Western cultural views on death; specifically about beliefs in salvation, reincarnation, and the afterlife. Buddhism, Hinduism and other Eastern religions believe in a progression of the soul after death. These philosophies teach that an accumulation of bad or good karma affects rebirth into either a favorable or unfavorable situation. Western religions tend to look at the present life as a one-and-only chance to “get it right” with the end result being an eternity in either Heaven or Hell. Most Catholics believe in an interim state called Purgatory where those who are borderline between deserving Heaven or Hell work their way up. Jewish beliefs most often do not include the typical Christian idea of an eternal hell. Jewish people see hell as a separation from God rather than an actual place of fire and brimstone. Therefore, Heaven may be considered as a reuniting with God’s light or spirit and not necessarily as a physical place with streets of gold as many Christians believe. The Aramaic word for death is interpreted “not here, present elsewhere” and shows a belief in an afterlife. Modern day scientific studies show that there is a consciousness of mind after death and that the mind and the brain are not one in the same.
Many of our fears are rooted in delusions or distorted ways of looking at life and the world around us. Generally, our fear of death is an unrealistic fear. We tend to either ignore the subject altogether or become morbidly obsessed by it. Perhaps the best way to overcome the fear of death is to remember that our present physical life had a beginning. There was a time when we were not on Earth in these physical bodies, and there will be a time when we shall return to a non-physical state of being. The rational mind has difficulty believing that any reality other than the third dimensional world of time and space, in which we currently live, could possibly exist. We have been trained since birth to thrive in it. We know ourselves to be who we are by our external experiences; however, looking inwardly may give us a different perspective.

The sorrow, grief and sense of loss are real, but our fear about death is only an illusion. You’ve faced many things in life that are more frightening and unknown than death. For example, public speaking is said to be the greatest fear a person can face. So, if you’ve ever spoken in public then you have faced a fear said to be worse than the fear of dying. The famous comedian Jerry Seinfeld once said, “If you’re at a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy!”

Death should be feared no more than birth, for there is no real separation between the physical and non-physical realms. The separation seems real because there is a very thin veil (i.e.: our skin and physical body) between the two realms that dims our ability to interact with those in other dimensions. But more than the physical sense of separation, we limit ourselves with the false belief that we have only five senses with which to explore and experience life. This belief hinders us from accepting what our inner knowing tells us is true. We are multi-sensory spiritual creatures able to sense the presence and energy of non-physical beings. Those who do interact with the non-physical realm are sometimes considered insane or in need of psychiatric help. Many are shunned and ridiculed. Some children are even punished for talking about seeing angels and spirits.

The Earth plane is simply another facet of our experience as souls. We are spirit beings having a human earthly experience. We all come from the same Source regardless of what we call it—God/Goddess, Spirit, Energy, Creator or whatever vocabulary term one wishes to use. Even though we manifest in individual bodies and have the illusion of separateness, there is no real division in our spirit. An ethereal mist or cloud of spirit exists where every soul is united with God and with one another. From this cloud extends a line of energy or Spirit to the Earth plane where it manifests as a suit of human flesh.

Who we really are is only a small portion of what we see in each other. It is like poking your fingertip through a hole in a bed sheet draped over your body. What is hidden behind the sheet is so much greater than the fingertip—so much greater than the small portion that meets the eye!

After its mission is accomplished in the earthly realm, the soul essence simply returns to the spirit cloud to continue its work or to wait for another opportunity to manifest into human form. This return to Source may occur as a result of the body’s deterioration and inability to support the soul as a vehicle and thus death of the physical body occurs. Because the soul craves authenticity, living an incongruent life may cause us to subconsciously create disease, physical deterioration, or ultimately death as a means to leave the physical body.

According to the Old Testament, humans originally had the ability to live forever. The book of Genesis teaches that death occurred for mankind as a punishment for the sin committed by Adam and Eve. Still, some Biblical characters were noted to have lived for almost a thousand years. What happened that caused our lifespan to be so shortened? In light of the technological and medical advances, it would seem that the opposite should be true. Some, like Elijah mentioned in the Bible, didn’t die. Jesus took his resurrected body with him when he ascended as a light body. Living a long, healthy life requires us to live in integrity with our inner truth. It requires unplugging from belief systems that prevent us from living life to the fullest.

What we do with our life is our choice. Even dying is a choice we make! It is my belief that God does not infringe upon our free will or tell us what to do with our life. Instead, God very gently leads us to learn at our own pace, and never forces us to do anything we do not wish to. Life is the picture we paint by the decisions we make. Since a soul has choice (free will) it may simply choose to return to Source. I believe this is why we have SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and other unexplainable departures from a body that is otherwise healthy. The soul changes its mind about being in the physical body, or has another idea about what might best assist it on its spiritual journey. While any death causes grief for the remaining family, it is ultimately the soul’s choice to move on. Free will is something we have not been taught to accept, appreciate or consciously exercise. In order to understand and accept death as a natural part of the soul’s evolution, we must be able to allow people to choose for themselves on all levels. It is normal to feel anger towards God when our loved one leaves his or her physical body, but it is not God’s choice. God does not take a soul against its will. The soul chooses to leave in the best interest of its evolution. We may have difficulty accepting that our loved one’s death could have been a part of a greater plan—especially when it doesn’t fit our expectation.

What is death? What is dying like? The best way to obtain information about death is from those who have had a first-hand experience with death; those who have died and returned to tell about it. These are referred to as near-death experiences (NDEs). P.M.H. Atwater is one of the original researchers in the field of near-death studies. In her book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Near-Death Experiences, an NDE is loosely defined as an intense awareness, sense or experience of “otherworldliness”, whether pleasant or unpleasant, that happens to people who are at the edge of death. It occurs for people regardless of age, education, culture or religious background. Atwater began her work in 1978 and comes from the vantage point of being a near-death experiencer—not just a mere researcher. She believes there is a step-up of energy at the moment of death, an increase in speed as if you are suddenly vibrating faster than before. Using radio as an analogy, this speed-up is comparable to having lived all your life at a certain radio frequency and then someone or something comes along and flips the dial. That flip of the dial shifts you to another, higher wavelength. The original frequency is still there as it was before. Only you changed. You sped up to allow entry into the next radio frequency. As is true with all radios and radio stations, there can be bleed-over or distortion of transmission signals due to interference patterns. These can allow or force frequencies to coexist or commingle for indefinite periods of time. Normally, most shifts on the dial are fast and efficient, but occasionally, one can run into interference, perhaps from a strong emotion, a sense of duty, or a need to fulfill a vow or keep a promise. This interference could allow coexistence of frequencies for a few seconds, days, or even years (perhaps explaining hauntings); but eventually every given vibrational frequency will seek out or be nudged to where it belongs. You fit your particular spot on the dial by your speed of vibration. You cannot coexist forever where you do not belong. Who can say how many spots are on the dial or how many frequencies there are to inhabit? No one knows. You shift frequencies in dying. You switch over to life on another wavelength. You are still a spot on the dial but you move up a notch or two. You don’t cease to exist when you die. You shift your consciousness and speed of vibration. That’s all death is…a shift.

Those who are not afraid of death may actually look forward to it. Such is the case of Carolyn Smith. She is a neat, very attractive, woman, about 80 years old, who has been a widow for a number of years. She was diagnosed with lung cancer recently and the doctor estimated she would have about 1-3 years to live. Carolyn had a great attitude about her coming demise so she started making her plans and preparing for her departure as if it was a trip to Disneyland. She cleaned out all her old stuff and decided to sell her home and build a house with her daughter – a house that would be a great place where her daughter could live after she was gone. Then her doctor told her about a wonderful new treatment that would take care of her lung cancer. She was actually disgusted to find out that she may continue to live! How dare they find a cure after she put forth so much effort getting ready to die? She said to her doctor, “So, am I going to die, or did I go to all this trouble for nothing?” Carolyn plans to have the treatment, but she is disappointed to have to wait a while longer for her ride home. Carolyn’s attitude about dying is better than her attitude about living! Oh, that we all would have such an expectancy about our transition.


Living life to the fullest in Nashville, Tennessee, Yvonne Perry (also known in spiritual circles by the name, LavendarRose) is an author and keynote speaker who enjoys helping people discover a spiritual path of love and joy that comes from the knowledge that we are all one with our Creator.

A graduate of American Institute of Holistic Theology, Yvonne holds a Bachelor of Science in Metaphysics. She has written hundreds of articles on spirituality, death, afterlife, spirit communication, and suicide. She is the host of We Are One in Spirit Podcast, a talk show that offers people a chance to share spiritual insight and join cross-cultural hands. She is a polished, speaker available to share her knowledgeable on a wide variety of spiritual topics such as walk-in/soul exchange, psychic gifts, empathy, ascension rituals, ghosts, afterlife, and near-death or other spiritually-transforming experiences.

Bring Your Book to Life This Year!

This is a guest post by Andrea Costantine, co-author of Bring Your Book to Life This Year. Andrea says:

It’s hard to believe just a year ago I didn’t even have a book in the pipeline. At the time, it was just some pipe-dream. Little did I know that in less than twelve months I’d soon have two books on the market. It seems ironic since I had struggled for years to even commit to an idea for a book, but now the ideas are everywhere. 

Why was my experience so easy? What was different or was I just plain lucky?  In reality it was none of those excuses that even I’d love to believe. If I happen to come across a page of luck, I’d surely share my secret formula, but it isn’t about luck at all. 

Over the course of the year, there have been three-oh-so-easy strategies that supported this stellar growth. Besides only sleeping on Sundays, and cloning myself, – teasing –  these are the three things that I know can help bring your book to life too! 

Drumroll p-uh-lease!?!  

Collaboration. First, I didn’t go at it alone. Lone-ranger out – team player in! My book and business partner Lisa Shultz is my main collaborator; however, in our first book we had 47 other lovely ladies submit their chapters to us. Which made the writing process a whole-heck-of-a-lot easier. Imagine a book with your name on it and you just have to write a few chapters!?   When I went to take my first stab at writing a book, I failed, I barely got started, and the whole-darn process seemed overwhelming as all get out. I quit. Here’s where luck or serendipity did come in, Lisa asked me to join her on her book project, and I said yes!  Suddenly, I saw the light. If you want to do something big in your life, whether write a book or become president, you are not going to get their alone. 

Goals. I know, this sounds elementary. But they work. Goals, deadlines, and a fire under your-you-know-what are seriously the key to just getting that book written and out into the world.  Trying to write a book without some looming deadline means that your book may, just may, be ready for print in 2025.  Clearly define your goals and figure it out from there. When Lisa and I partnered at the end of 2009, we picked late August for our launch date. We then worked backwards and timed out every step in between. It kept us on schedule and it kept the process moving along. We always knew where we had to be and when we had to be there by. Goals, however over-emphasized in our world, are a shortcut to accomplishment. 

Accountability. If no one knows you are writing a book, or if you’ve locked up your work in a vault fearful of putting it out into the world – it’s never going to get out there. Accountability to others is one of the fastest ways to get your book done and out to market. Lisa and I checked in with each other so frequently during the writing and compilation of our books, that we never missed a beat. How are you on this? Where are you on that? How’s this coming along? What can I do to help you? Flailing along as a solo-aspiring-author is difficult, challenging, and lonely-as-the corner ice cream store in a February snowstorm. Don’t do it, do not, under any circumstances attempt to go at it alone. If you are writing a book as the sole author, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have an accountability partner, coach, friend, or mentor. Team up and you will find a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow, filled with inspiration, encouragement, and motivation.  

So really, as you can see – writing and getting two books complete in one year isn’t all that hard if you abide by these oh-so-easy-strategies. Don’t wait to get your book done. Get your book done this year! 

And if you are ready to take the leap and write your book this year, then check out our latest book… www.bringyourbooktolifethisyear.com– Grab your copy today and receive two months accountability and writing support in our monthly mentoring group and other bonuses valued at $150.

Without a Home: Inspiring Stories of Animal Adoptions by Elaine Marlier

The Without A Home series are a unique collection of short stories about animals that unexpectedly find themselves without a home. Each book takes the reader on a journey, through the animal’s point of view and their own words, of life before the shelter, their stay in the shelter, and then their new live when they are finally given that second chance at life. Each story reminds the reader of some of life’s most important lessons along the way. The stories bring to life the connection that can only form when one adopts and saves the life of an animal.

In Without A Home Inspiring and heartfelt tales of dog adoptions, Spike shows Linda that the shelter can be the perfect place to find the perfect dog. Daisy gives Katerina a gift of her past, Yogi reminds his new master that looks really do not matter, Jackie reminds her owner of the importance of family, and Sal gives Maria an entire new lease on life.

 In Without A Home Inspiring and heartfelt tales of cat adoptions, BT proves to Ashley that love is much more important than looks. The journey for Tasha and her four kittens – Tommy, Snowball, Lily and Smokie – bring to life of the importance of family,while Smokie teaches his new owner Ali, how to overcome her own inadequacies. Jelly and Justin take the reader on a journey of courage and faith that proves to have an immeasurable end.

In Without A Home Inspiring and heartfelt tales of small animal adoptions, Harry the hamster shows Brandon that one boy’s trash is another boy’s treasure. Cindy the chinchilla teaches Gabby that beauty is only skin deep. Reggie the rat drives home the importance of adoption to one young boy named Billy, and Bonnie the bunny finds paradise in the coincidence of her past. Frankie the ferret gives Martha a whole new outlook about animals.

Elaine Marlier works in the pet industry in Colorado, and work with many shelters and rescue groups throughout the state. All of the book signings I do raise money to help the animals. More about Elaine:



I just received the book on Friday and thought I would read it slowly but could not! What wonderful stories! I cried through each one. I love how Elaine incorporated the dog’s point of view into the story. I believe in destiny. My first adopted pet was a cat and I knew she was for me when she put out her paw and touched my hand. If not for a little dog jumping up on his cage he would not have got our attention and we would not have noticed the other dog beside him and gone home from the shelter without a dog rather than adopting two. I especially loved the stories about Yogi and Sal. It is definitely something magical when you adopt a dog. There are dogs meant for special people. Thank you Elaine for such wonderful stories. Definitely a must read. –Carol Ann  Reading, MA

I loved this book. It was so heartfelt and warm. A reminder that we cannot take animals for granted.  They can only “tell” us their needs in so many ways. We have to be mindful to think of what they need and give it to them. Our animals love us unconditionally, we should show them the same respect. This book is a great educational tool as well as it reminds people to adopt their next pet from a shelter. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a dog.  –Gigi   Edgewater, NJ

This is my second Elaine Marlier book. As with the tales of dog adoptions, this too is a must read. I received my book on Saturday and had it finished by Sunday.  So much for keeping it to a chapter per night which I like to do when reading in bed.  I couldn’t put it down. Author Elaine Marlier did a great job of writing through the eyes of the kittens and cats. You were able to see what they saw. Again, Artist Judith Angell Meyer did a wonderful job of portraying the animals in each chapter, this time it was the felines. You will love the ending… –Maxxie Brown  Mount Morris, NY

You won’t be able to put it down. Simply marvelous, a true work of art. This book is a must read for any animal lover, and when you are done, be sure to pass it on. I brought it to my vet’s office when I was finished reading it, they keep it in the lobby. Highly recommend you read this, it will move you. –Sheryl  J.    Lee, NH