Suffering for Art — Bertram’s Blog

I’ve never been one to believe in suffering for my art. Not that “my art” is actually art — it’s more in the line of pretty photos I’ve taken to memorialize some flowers I’ve grown. And if art isn’t worth suffering for, then pretty photos — no matter how attractive — definitely are not worth […]

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Suffering for Art — Bertram’s Blog

Variety — Bertram’s Blog

At the library today, I found a notice that our county library district is bringing the Little Free Library program to town. I’ve visited these wonderful mini libraries when I was traveling and was delighted to see it coming here because it’s a great program for a reader. Then I realized I don’t need a […]

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Variety — Bertram’s Blog

Garden of Weedin’ — Bertram’s Blog

I was outside this morning clearing out weeds and dead annuals and digging up Bermuda grass in preparation for fall planting (lilies and chrysanthemums) and transplanting (New England Asters), when I happened to look up and actually see the garden I was working on. I do see my various gardens, of course, but I tend […]

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Garden of Weedin’ — Bertram’s Blog

A Dream of the Future — Bertram’s Blog

I came across a Buddhist quote this morning: “Do not dwell on the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” Normally I would agree that this is a good philosophy (one, moreover, that worked well for me while I was dealing with grief), especially since all we have […]

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A Dream of the Future — Bertram’s Blog

Today’s Tarot Reading — Bertram’s Blog

Although I continue to do a brief tarot reading every morning for practice, the cards still don’t tell me much of anything. In fact, they generally seem too disjointed to tell any sort of story, whether mine or anyone else’s. Nor do I see a metaphor for my life in the cards, which is what […]

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Today’s Tarot Reading — Bertram’s Blog

What’s to Come — Bertram’s Blog

We had a lot of rain Wednesday night, so yesterday morning I took the opportunity to start clearing out some flower beds in preparation for fall and winter. The lilac garden particularly needed work because the tomato plants I’d planted in the large space in front of the bushes went wild and completely buried the […]

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What’s to Come — Bertram’s Blog

Playing the Hand I’ve Been Dealt — Bertram’s Blog

I do really well most of the time playing the hand I’ve been dealt in life. Did I really use a game metaphor? Apparently, it’s not just gardening I see as a game, but life itself. This isn’t my conscious view of life — life has thrown too many tragedies and tragic consequences my way […]

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Playing the Hand I’ve Been Dealt — Bertram’s Blog

Thinking Things into Futility — Bertram’s Blog

I’ve spent an interesting hour or so online looking for a word to describe one who tends to think things into futility. I started with “fatalist,” which sounds like it should be a word for a “futilist,” but only the end result of the philosophy is the same. Fatalists believe all is fated, all is […]

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Thinking Things into Futility — Bertram’s Blog

An Instrument of Anarchy — Bertram’s Blog

(Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace. ~ May Sarton) A friend sent above quote to me today. It’s a lovely sentiment — gardening as an instrument of grace — and I do agree […]

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An Instrument of Anarchy — Bertram’s Blog

Gardening Game — Bertram’s Blog

I’d just decided that gardening is simply a game I am playing so there’s no need for me to fuss about anything that grows or doesn’t grow, when I went out to work on the yard and was greeted with several unpleasantnesses: more stinkhorn mushrooms and eggs, a mess of cat diarrhea, a scourge of […]

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Gardening Game — Bertram’s Blog