Allure of the Vampire by Lisa M. Campbell

Description of Superstition’s Desire by Lisa M. Campbell: The lush landscape of the Scottish Highlands holds great beauty, but also great peril. Therefore, when Lady Arabella Wyndmere is spirited away from her English home, she is right to fear for her heart and her welfare. Held to a deathbed vow, Laird Connal MacRae is honor-bound to deliver Lady Arabella unsullied, to his deposed older brother, as a prize to soothe his ego. Nevertheless, Connal cannot deny the burning ache the spirited beauty has awakened in him. However, something far more dangerous stalks from the shadows. And in a climate of treachery and betrayal; the greatest risk of all could be surrendering to the depth of feelings of unexpected love.

Guest post by Lisa M. Campbell: Allure of the Vampire

In my other life, I am a paranormal erotica romance author with the pen name Marie March. You might ask what induced me to try my hand at erotica, much less the paranormal variety when I’m a published author in the Celtic historical genre. I’ll give you two words, vampire allure.

Ever since Dracula (the 1979 Frank Langella version) oozed uber-sexuality with a mega-dose of hunky charisma onto the big screen, I have been fascinated with the idea of upright, moralistic women succumbing to the allure of such an intrinsically evil creature…no matter her upbringing, ideals, or sexual hang-ups and inhibitions.

In my debut novella, SAVAGE CRAVINGS (May 2010 eXcessica Publishing) I explore the mystery of the vampire allure. Cavyn Sinclair is looking for his glausdane, eternal mate, and Loveday yields with little fuss despite the untenable situation she finds herself in. Falling prey to Cavyn’s appeal skews the way she views true love.

Let us dissect the allure of the vampire from a realistic viewpoint, and with a jaundiced eye. Consider this scenario; an ordinary person you met only once, perhaps dined with or taken in a movie together. You liked them, but the chemistry wasn’t there and so you refuse a second date. Now this person has begun shadowing your every move from the car, to your place of work, the gym, grocery store, and stops in between, etc. Then one night he materializes outside your bedroom window…at midnight…scratching his longish fingernails (ewww) on the glass and demanding entrance. He keeps insisting he loves you and is convinced you love him. If that concept isn’t creepy enough he soon expresses a burning desire to sex you up while drinking your blood. 

Really, what would your first reaction be? Uh-huh…no matter how gorgeous his appearance, my guess is you’d wear down the heels on your best pair of shoes sprinting to the cop-shop demanding twenty-four hour protection, a restraining order against the nut-job, and only after your purchase of a nine millimeter gun with a back-up clip and a German Shepard named Killer who responds to the attack command in five languages.

Yet, given the above facts, the vampire allure is irresistible. But why? Speaking for myself, if a sinfully sexy, cultured and wealthy master of seduction decided his only requirement was me naked and willing…I say, let the games begin! In addition, the vampire has a lot more than those four fabulous factors working in his favor (say that five times!). Mainly, he comes without the bothersome and sometimes oinkish qualities of the all-too-human male.

Face it, Dracula/Eric/Bill isn’t going to drop his dirty underwear and socks on the floor within inches of the clothes hamper, or adjust his ample package in public. And I’ve yet to read a book, or watch a movie where a vampire empties his pockets leaving coins, crumpled bills, gum, old gas receipts, movie stubs and wads of lint strewn over every available surface in the house, possibly after swigging a beer and/or burping open a door.

Nonetheless, the true vampire allure conceals a nefarious façade that drags unsuspecting women into a twisted underworld where blood-exchanges, master/slave relationships, and sexual obsession could drive a person insane. Yet, as I ponder what to make for supper fold my second basket of laundry and pick up after my husband, daughter and two dogs, I have to think how bad could insanity be?

Lisa M. Campbell Lisa M. Campbell is the author of Superstition’s Desire, published by Wild Horse Press 2009. Lisa has traveled the world, lived on two continents and in eleven cities. She met her childhood hero, twice. She wore a uniform during wartime, though she never fired a shot.Thanks to her husband, she’s flown an airplane. She’s a wife, and mother. She’s owned by two crazy cattle dogs, both of which she rescued from puppy prison. Right now she lives in the beautiful Black Hills, the Oglala Sioux call Paha Sapa. She has a Celtic Connection with a Gaelic speaking friend. She writes what she loves to read.

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