Excerpt from “Cat Moves” by Karen E. Rigley

When Sharly Johnson finds her cousin, best-selling author Trina Golden, murdered and a kiss and tell autobiography manuscript missing, Sharly plunges into danger, betrayal and deception as she and Ripper the Cat unravel layers of the mystery.


The storm blew into Moon Bay, billowing with thunderous violet-black clouds to smother the night sky and anger the waves. Surf crashed and pounded the shore in deafening roars. Wind churned ocean scents up from the deep to saturate cold blasts of sand and sea.

The girl shivered in her brief sundress, wishing she’d dressed for warmth instead of sex appeal. Flaxen hair flying, she picked her way down to a beach swallowed by heavy darkness. Shells and driftwood crunched underfoot as her sandals squished along the shoreline. Blowing sand stung her eyes.

When Megan reached the edge of the water, she found it difficult to see the huge rock outcrop she knew loomed there.

“Did you bring the note?” came a voice from the darkness.

“Right here.” Opening her fist, she revealed a crumpled square of paper. “Hey, you aren’t Trevor! Who are you?” Confused, she tried to distinguish shapes in the darkness. “Who’s there?”

A biting gust of wind fired sand grains at her bare limbs. The damp cotton of her dress whipped against her body and she hugged herself for warmth. She could just barely make out the rock outcrop, a craggy silhouette in the inky darkness.

“Who’s there?” she repeated. As she waited for an answer, human shape separated from the rock.


Karen E. Rigley is an internationally published writer/poet/designer who’s won numerous awards for her work. She’s a member of Sisters in Crime, Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America and Red River Writers.. Her writing has appeared in a variety of publications including: Chicken Soup for the Soul: Love Stories, Science Fiction Review, Grit, ComputerEdge, Andre Norton’s Tales of the Witch World 3, CATFANTASTIC Edited by Andre Norton & Martin H. Greenberg, CATFANTASTIC II and CATFANTASTIC III, Underwired Magazine, On the SingleSide, Magic, The Magic Within, Romance Writers Report, MysteryTime, Today’s Woman, Strange Wonderland, Warrior WiseWoman 2, etc. Her novel, That Carrington Magic was a launch books for Soul Mate Publishing and the sequel Wild West Cupid was released December 2012. A number of her other books are available through Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nookbooks. Also she’s co-editing The Spirit of Poe anthology which is a fundraiser for the House of Poe museum in Baltimore.

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