The FIRST SCENE script contest

WILDsound is sponsoring The FIRST SCENE script contest. Deadline is April 20th

Do you want immediate feedback on your first scenes/first moments of your script? A script you’re just working on? Or a past script of yours that you need another polish or?

Send your script in and see what people in the industry think. Great way to get feedback on the first stages.

Winners get their first scene(s) performed at the monthly screenplay festival and recorded for you and the world to see.

CLICK HERE for full details:

Screenplay deadlines coming up:
SUBMIT your feature, TV or short scripts.

JournalStone’s $2000 Horror Writing Contest

Have you written a horror novel?  Would you like to be published?  Would you like to actually earn money for your efforts?
Submit your 75,000 words or more manuscript/novel to on or before June 1, 2011, and you will be entered.  The winner will receive a $2,000 advance against future royalties and have his/her novel published by JournalStone.  Grammar counts, people.  Have it edited before you submit your entry.
The #1 winner is also eligible for active membership to the HWA (Horror Writers Association).  Have you always wanted to join, but haven’t met the criteria.  You can now become an active member with all of its benefits and prestige!
Scared about not winning?  Second prize gets a $500 advance and a published novel.  Yes, you have to sign a contract first.  Third place gets a $200 advance and for the last time, also gets a published novel.  Not one of the top three?  No worries, you might still be good enough to get your novel published, you will just have to earn your money on the royalties.  We only have so much to give out for free.
Worried about costs?  JournalStone is a full service publishing company that covers any and all expenses for publishing a novel.  All an author is required to do is submit a freakishly scary book and rock our world.
Genre: Horror only everyone.  Nothing else counts in this contest.  If you have any questions on content, please send an e-mail to
Word Count: 75,000 words or more. No exceptions.
Submission Deadline: All submissions must be received no later than 11 p.m. Pacific time June 1, 2011. JournalStone highly recommends you submit your work early.
Editing:  Please have your work edited prior to submission.  Can’t afford editing?  If your work is absolutely awesome, we still might read it.  It might even win, but you will be one step behind the others from the start. So you are better off just getting it edited beforehand.
To submit your work, please send in a Microsoft Word document in Times New Roman 11-point font, single line spacing to
The tentative publication date resides in the year 2011.  We want to publish novels, not sit around on our arse!
If you have been curious to find out what JournalStone Publications is all about, but didn’t know how to go about it, now is your opportunity.
If you want a copy of our basic contract just shoot me an e-mail.  We have nothing to hide and will happily share it to all applicants submitting an entry.
Minimum of 20 entries required to validate contest.

Crime Writing Contest

Circalit has just announced a competition to find the next big crime fiction blockbuster, with winning entries being submitted to the leading literary agency, A.P. Watt. They are hosting the competition online where the public can read all submissions and vote for their favourite novels. The top submissions will be read and considered for representation by A.P. Watt. The competition is free, but you do need to create an account at Circalit and post your work online.

Raoul Tawadey, founder of Circalit, commented, “There is a wealth of literary talent across the globe, only a fraction of which gets the recognition it deserves. Crowd-sourcing is a great way for the publishing industry, which thrives on new talent, to find novels with a proven readership. We hope this competition will give talented new writers an opportunity to get their work noticed, and demonstrate the power of the internet to create a global talent pool.”

To enter your manuscript, please visit

Since this is a new site, I don’t know much about them, but it might be worth checking out. Best of luck!