Holiday Destination — Bertram’s Blog

The American Automobile Association predicted a record number of road trippers this weekend. Despite the high gas prices, more than 42 million people in the USA will drive to a destination more than 50 miles from home to celebrate the holidays. There are nebulous reasons stated for all that travel — nebulous because with all […]

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Holiday Destination — Bertram’s Blog

Believing Impossible Things — Bertram’s Blog

A commenter on yesterday’s post “Practicing the Tarot,” mentioned that he liked the notion of believing six impossible things before breakfast. His suggestion was to use the tarot to challenge three of these thoughts (only three because for the next twelve months I will be doing a three-card reading rather than the two-card layout I’ve […]

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Believing Impossible Things — Bertram’s Blog

Practicing the Tarot — Bertram’s Blog

Tomorrow starts a new month, which means I need to pick out a different tarot deck to use. I still haven’t found one that I have any special affinity for, so I am still in the habit of rotating decks to give me an opportunity to learn each of them. (Each of them in my […]

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Practicing the Tarot — Bertram’s Blog

A Welcome Visitor — Bertram’s Blog

This was another of those days where I wore myself out, not that it’s hard to do since I am still not totally acclimated to the new season. Or maybe it’s the allergies the new season has brought that are aggravating me. Either way, I begin the day worn out, and it only gets worse […]

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A Welcome Visitor — Bertram’s Blog

What’s Right in Front of Me — Bertram’s Blog

Late yesterday afternoon, I was watching the news with the woman I help care for, when I found myself with tears in my eyes. Normally, I don’t let the news affect me, but yesterday it was just too much — too much war and starvation and horror and all the other stories that are trotted […]

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What’s Right in Front of Me — Bertram’s Blog

Making Sense of Little Mysteries — Bertram’s Blog

This must be a particularly hard area for meteorologists to predict the weather. Yesterday morning, there was an 80% chance of rain, but only a few meager drops fell from the clouds, not enough even to color the sidewalk. When I went to bed last night, the chance of rain forecast for this morning was […]

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Making Sense of Little Mysteries — Bertram’s Blog

Cogitation — Bertram’s Blog

It was supposed to rain last night and well into today, so I was going to take it easy and do nothing, and when I finished doing nothing, I was going to take a nap. Unfortunately, the rain did not materialize except for a few drops that didn’t completely darken the sidewalk. I still took […]

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Cogitation — Bertram’s Blog

Inequity — Bertram’s Blog

The only time I watch television is occasionally when the woman I am looking after wants to watch. Usually we watch Judge Judy, though sometimes we watch the news. I’ve been feeling rather smug since the fear-mongering tactics of the newscasters don’t work with someone who’s already been there. For example, if the prime interest […]

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Inequity — Bertram’s Blog

Seeing the Bright Side — Bertram’s Blog

Anyone who has read my blog for any length of time knows I am not a glass-half-full sort of person. Nor, to be honest, am I a glass-half-empty person. I’m more prosaic than either type, more realistic. The nature of a glass is to not remain at a halfway point. If the glass contains a […]

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Seeing the Bright Side — Bertram’s Blog

Weird Times — Bertram’s Blog

This seems to be a time of weirdness for me, though if things come in threes as the saying goes, then by tomorrow, my life should be back to normal. Assuming, of course, there is a normal anymore. First, there was the issue with someone trying to change my Facebook password. By itself, it’s not […]

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Weird Times — Bertram’s Blog