Today’s Tarot — Bertram’s Blog

A new month means only one thing to me — a new tarot deck. Otherwise, one month is pretty much the same as another. Well, August is certainly not the same as December, but August is similar to the end of July and the beginning of September, so the months slide right on by without […]

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Today’s Tarot — Bertram’s Blog

Air Quality Alert — Bertram’s Blog

We are under an air quality alert starting yesterday, continuing into today, and perhaps ending tomorrow. The bad air has nothing to do with anything around here — apparently, upper-level wind patterns are bringing in smoke from fires in states far to west of here, such as California and Oregon. Oddly, at the same time, […]

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Air Quality Alert — Bertram’s Blog

Getting Over Grief — Bertram’s Blog

People often ask me how to get over grief, but the truth is (despite the title of this piece), we never get over grief for the simple reason that the person being mourned is gone for the rest of our life on Earth. Still, over time, the focus does change from the past and from […]

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Getting Over Grief — Bertram’s Blog

Things to Worry At — Bertram’s Blog

In a book I just finished reading, the character often stayed awake at night worrying about all the things in her life that she couldn’t do anything about. As it turns out, the one thing she should have been worrying about, the thing that will change her life forever, is something she could never have […]

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Things to Worry At — Bertram’s Blog

Just Like That — Bertram’s Blog

Awhile back, I accepted a job as a part-time caregiver (more of a companion, to be honest) for an older woman. I promised to stay a year, and wow! Just like that (snapping my fingers), the year is gone. I signed up for another few months, which is nice for all concerned. I get along […]

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Just Like That — Bertram’s Blog

Call to Adventure — Bertram’s Blog

As I’m sitting here, mentally sorting through my recent activities to find something at least vaguely interesting to write about, I hear a train whistle as it passes through town. This train whistle has an old-fashioned mournful sound, evocative of summer days and faraway places. I’m glad the trains that pass by within a few […]

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Call to Adventure — Bertram’s Blog

The World at Small — Bertram’s Blog

When I was young, the cool kids all used VO5 shampoo, which was then a premium brand. I’m not sure why people liked the shampoo; it’s possible the name seemed high-tech for the times, invoking images of race cars. The name in actuality referred to the five vitamins and oils that had been added to […]

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The World at Small — Bertram’s Blog

Possible Dreams — Bertram’s Blog

As I water my various plants, I daydream about what the yard will look like in the coming years, assuming I can keep up with the work. I hadn’t realized I would like lilies, but I find them amusingly cheerful. I looked up my order for the lilies I planted and discovered they are orienpet […]

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Possible Dreams — Bertram’s Blog

Technological Marvel — Bertram’s Blog

Like many people, I am conflicted about the ever-growing incursion of the electronic world into our daily lives. It seems that so much of it is about keeping track of us, one way or another. For example, one feature that not everyone knows about in some modern cars, is the ability for the car manufacturers, […]

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Technological Marvel — Bertram’s Blog

Wasting My Author Mind — Bertram’s Blog

I’m reading a book that was published a couple of years before The Bob mess, and it gives me the willies since it could so easily reflect what’s happening today with the vaccine. In the novel, a super-secret organization that is not government sanctioned but that uses the various alphabet agencies as cover for their […]

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Wasting My Author Mind — Bertram’s Blog