Small Town Living — Bertram’s Blog

Some days, like today, seem quintessentially small town — not just the blue skies, the slight breeze, the friendliness of the people, but all of it, good and bad. I was out walking my errands (no more “running” errands for me!) when I saw I woman I know weeding her property. I made some fatuous […]

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Small Town Living — Bertram’s Blog

Gardening As Exercise — Bertram’s Blog

Gardening is often touted as good exercise, though when I was young and able to run and hike and even lift weights, I didn’t understand why it would be so. Well, now I do understand. I spent a couple of hours this morning pulling weeds and digging a few holes for planting, and I could […]

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Gardening As Exercise — Bertram’s Blog

More Planting — Bertram’s Blog

I’d planned to go to a plant nursery in the big city (a joke — it’s actually a small town, but since it’s about four times the size of this town, it seems like a city), but my car is still out of commission. Bizarrely, I can go for years with no car problems, and […]

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More Planting — Bertram’s Blog

Planting — Bertram’s Blog

I don’t have a dedicated vegetable garden spot yet, so after I bought a few cherry tomato plants yesterday, I planted them around the yard near other plants that need to be watered. I put three of the seedling in the back by the alley, three on the side yard, and a couple in other […]

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Planting — Bertram’s Blog

Belief in the Tarot — Bertram’s Blog

Yesterday a friend told me she didn’t believe in the tarot. To be honest, I’m not sure I believe either, though I don’t exactly know what I mean by that. Obviously, I believe the cards exist because I have a few dozen decks. I believe they’ve been around for centuries. I believe that the cards […]

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Belief in the Tarot — Bertram’s Blog

Living Vicariously — Bertram’s Blog

I have noticed that while my daily tarot card pick seldom reflects what I am feeling or doing (possibly because I am not feeling or doing much of anything), it sometimes reflects the situation of someone I’ve been talking to, especially if I empathize with them. Just as often, the card seems to reflect the […]

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Living Vicariously — Bertram’s Blog

When the Clouds Stopped Bursting — Bertram’s Blog

It rained most of the night, and when the clouds stopped bursting, they left behind a dark and damp day. The tarot card I picked this morning wasn’t any cheerier — it spoke of strife and quarrels, illness and inner conflicts. Luckily, none of those things seem to have anything to do with me, but […]

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When the Clouds Stopped Bursting — Bertram’s Blog

Always Something — Bertram’s Blog

As if it weren’t enough aggravation to have had to redo my whole website at the end of last year because my website platform was changed, today I got a message from that same domain provider informing me that the email I have been using is also being changed. As with the web builder, the […]

Always Something — Bertram’s Blog

Two-Card Tarot Spread — Bertram’s Blog

I’ve been doing a daily one-card tarot reading for the past ten-and-a-half months. I plan to finish out my “tarot” year with the one-card reading, then graduate to a daily two-card reading. To that end, I’ve been researching how to do a two-card reading, but even something as simple as that is as confusing as […]

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Two-Card Tarot Spread — Bertram’s Blog

Tarot — My Next Step — Bertram’s Blog

It seems strange to me that although a tarot deck is comprised of 78 cards, almost all the deep studies focus on the Major Arcana (the twenty-two cards depicting the human archetypes that show a person’s spiritual evolution into enlightenment). The other 58 cards in a tarot deck are classified as the minor arcana. The […]

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Tarot — My Next Step — Bertram’s Blog