The Great Divide — Bertram’s Blog

More and more, the United States seems to becoming un-united, polarized by democrats vs. republicans, liberals vs. conservatives, socialists vs. capitalists, big government vs. less government, rich vs. poor, equity vs. equality, the powerful vs. the powerless, those who want to uphold the constitution vs. those who want to make it more flexible, as well […]

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The Great Divide — Bertram’s Blog

Frigid Temperatures on the Way — Bertram’s Blog

I spent the morning getting my yard ready for the frigid weather that’s headed our way. I did one last watering, then stored the hoses and insulated the outside faucets. And I planted bulbs. After last year’s fiasco, where I planted many bulbs and almost none came up (due probably to my following directions and […]

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Frigid Temperatures on the Way — Bertram’s Blog

Pat’s Publisher Needs a Maserati — Malcolm Campbell

Well, isn’t that special?

She wrote in her blog that she needs to sell a ton of copies of her new book Bob, The Right Hand of God, maybe 3000 copies, so her publisher can buy a new Maserati. The convertible is only $150,000 and change.

My publisher doesn’t need a new car. On the other hand, my Buick is a 2006, so I think I’ll deserve something if I sell 3000 copies of Fate’s Arrows. [. . . ]

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Pat’s Publisher Needs a Maserati — Malcolm’s Round Table

Help My Publisher Buy a Maserati — Bertram’s Blog

If we sell enough Bob, The Right Hand of God books, my publisher says he will be able to buy a new Maserati. I doubt his choice would be purple, but still, it’s a pretty car. I’m not sure if this desire of his for a new Maserati is a real wish or if it’s […]

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Help My Publisher Buy a Maserati — Bertram’s Blog

Yay! Publication Day! — Bertram’s Blog

Bob, The Right Hand of God has now been published! I am thrilled and delighted that Stairway Press took a chance on this novel. It’s special to me because it’s the last one that Jeff helped me brainstorm. His death put a hold on the book, and it took years for me to find the […]

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Yay! Publication Day! — Bertram’s Blog

The Beaming Light — Bertram’s Blog

Today’s tarot card pick was the sun, or as this particular deck calls it, “The Beaming Light.” That’s the only sun I get today since the real beaming light is hidden behind clouds, a rarity in these parts. Still, the sun card is sufficient since it speaks of glory, gain, riches, success, creativity, and happiness. […]

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The Beaming Light — Bertram’s Blog

The magic in my books — Malcolm Campbell

One way or the other, most of my novels include magic. Over time, this blog has often sought a comfortable niche. Apparently, that niche is magic even though I do a few book reviews, some posts about writing, conservation and wilderness, and some opinion posts.

The existence of this niche has become apparent of late when I see that most of my readers are stopping by to read posts about magic (many of those posts are old) and fewer readers are stopping by to look at everything else [. . . ]

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The magic in my books — Malcolm’s Round Table

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When Life is Easy — Bertram’s Blog

I’ve been feeling lazy lately. I’ve done what was absolutely necessary, such as water my plants and go to work, but other than that, I haven’t felt like doing anything except low energy activities like reading and playing on my computer. I haven’t even been doing much walking. Worried that I was getting sick, I […]

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When Life is Easy — Bertram’s Blog

Interesting Times — Bertram’s Blog

There is no citation, before 1936, for the Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.” It was one of the Chamberlains — Austen — who apparently first used the quote, and all he said was that an unnamed member of the foreign service had told him about it. People who have looked for the […]

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Interesting Times — Bertram’s Blog

Craning My Neck — Bertram’s Blog

I’ve got a crick in my neck from watching huge flocks of birds flying overhead while I was out walking this morning. They weren’t geese — they didn’t have the same tight formation that geese use — but they seemed similar, at least from my viewpoint, standing on the ground far beneath the flocks, craning […]

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Craning My Neck — Bertram’s Blog