Excerpt From “Old Man Harry” by Siobhán Nolan

Little Beth was a funny little girl. Her hair was always messy, her face was dusted with dirt and freckles, and her socks never matched. But Little Beth had a wild imagination and a BIG heart. All she wanted was a special friend of her own, and her dreams came true when she met a tiny, orange kitten. He certainly was not the cutest cat Little Beth had ever seen, but his fur was soft and covered in beautiful zigzaggy amber stripes. His whiskers were crooked, and one of his eyes drooped a little. He had freckles on his lips and one of his ears was folded and crunched like a dry, fall leaf. She named him Old Man Harry. They became friends instantly, sharing adventures, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and an inseparable bond of love and friendship.


“Months passed and finally it was summertime. Little Beth and her family had gone to the beach for their vacation. On the last evening of their trip the family walked along the shore, picking up seashells and watching little ghost crabs scurry across the sand. As they neared the boardwalk, Little Beth heard the faint, distant cry of – could it be? – a kitten! Little Beth followed the noise, and nestled in the dune, beneath a thicket of sea-grass, she found a tiny, orange cat.

“Mom! Dad! Come quickly!” yelled Little Beth. “It’s a cat! He’s just a baby and he’s all by himself. Oh please, oh please, oh PLEASE can we take him home? PLEASE?”

Little Beth’s parents knew how much she wanted a cat, and this little beach kitten was all alone. Little Beth bent down, picked up the tiny ball of orange fur, and held him up to her face.”


Siobhán Nolan is a student at University of North Carolina Wilmington majoring in Elementary Education. She is looking forward to having her own classroom one day soon. She loves painting, enjoying the beach, and spending time with her family, friends, and her beloved cat, Harry.

Old Man Harry is available from Second Wind Publishing.

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